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August is already over, and it is early that time rises

The son who was in Hakodate went home, and the presentation of the piano was BIC love with two daughters early this month. I was impressed by the performance that all other children calmed down in spite of being three children leaving very much, and the courage sat down on.
It was said with absorption in swimming with three children after a long absence in Mount Akiha pool on the next weekend or decided to untie a body by jogging after return by a gym as I was absorbed in a joyride.
Participation, Saturday are a lecture and discussions about 2 hospitals and future cooperation for the training of a certain company in the company this Friday. The cooperation to establish an important point for the introduction of the patient is originally difficult and feels like far-off in the purpose that only a changing thing can survive. But 14 will go bankrupt at 100 beds of hospitals as we have a population decline and the medical efficiency to the number of hospitalization Bet of Wakayama and are reduced 1,400 beds in the future. Perform the surgery from 230 a year such as our House to 240 (with around 50 beds 30); a nursing system is 10: : The risk that is guided to enter 1,400 beds by a medical insurance revision two years after the next time as 1 hospital is blessed for running it most seems to be very high. There are the measures, but that it can come true is a game.
There was a softball meet of the hospital in Wakayama-shi today. As there were the co-men stage directions of the receipt, I work from 5:00 to 10:00 early in the morning. I support you with my wife and two daughters afterwards. It could be against it and, in spite of the participation for the first time in ten years or more, went ahead 19 points to the final in a hospital of health care major. The final was a rag defeat in a practice game, but I was sharp in the public performance at five points of time and became the defeat. I am disappointed, but have a feeling that put on the essence of our House resisting a public performance. As far as a lot came very much in comparison with other hospitals, and the support was reliable, too.

Receive an outside evaluation

Our corporation receives two outside evaluations now and gets the certification. I looked good with examination of the certification update of ISO9001 this time for 18 days on July 17. The quality of the hospital tends to be decided with the number of the scale and the staff of facilities in Japan. As for this, it seems to be a big factor entirely that a dispatch power for the end user is short regardless of the big things and small things of facilities. However, a patient only estimates the security of the quality as self, and it is impossible to cover all. Therefore, it is important I have you have an authorized engine having the eyes of both examine it and instruct a refinement and a strength, and to improve efficiently.
The hospital usability test mechanism is only medical care, but it is the best product offer, but makes much of providing this in quickness, carefulness most if the ISO (international standard standard) makes much of duties sentence management with a thing examining the quality as the general company particularly and says the medical care that is most suitable for a patient in a company. The hospital in Wakayama has 95 facilities, but it is 20% degree to receive the authorization of the hospital usability test, and is it climate of Wakayama that there is few with around two if it is in ISO? I am moved by the staff who cooperated deeply and thank you.

Participate in a congress on the weekend

I make shift somehow in the morning in the working civilian Hospital and participate in the society on Saturday.
I participated in Kinki surgery congress (Osaka) on the weekend and participated in an endoscopic operation maneuver and the caput with feelings for stomach and a large intestine disease of Osaka Med. Col. Move to Kibicho of Wakayama afterwards,
I participated in a study session of Arida hosted by a hospital. I had an answer from a lecturer whether you are enough for the report (the October first time) to Wakayama of the bed kind in a public ward as our House has the public, digestive organ surgery more than 200 cases a year, but which type of industry will experience a thorny path from now on in Wakayama, Wakayama-shi where a remarkable population decline is not stopped, too.
Probably all staff will feel a social accident with skin from 2020. I am thinking about measures, but the solidarity of the staff is indispensable.

Participate in an emergency intensive care domain infectious disease meeting for the study

I participated in the meeting for the study of the infectious disease after the art of operation in the emergency lifesaving center on May 17.
The way of thinking for the infectious disease, the treatment policy were the same as general surgery digestive organ surgery, a general ward basically. As recognition was short, it thought that it wanted to do it in a future treatment option that anti-negative pressure absorptive treatment to know became the insurance adaptation for a wound part infectious disease. I decrease to degree now whether the civilian Hospital who can perform general digestive organ surgery for a fixed period includes our House, and there are number facilities. A surgeon does not have operation omakanaeruhode man power only in public hospital, and will time to wait for an operation be far from 1 in future including private enterprise on a day becoming awaiting it for two months?
It seems to come to be serious. The surgeon who can do it of the operation has the same other courses, but it seems that I am a very valuable person.

Participate in the meeting for the study of the circulatory organ

We had a change, the arteriosclerosis of hypertensive guidelines and a lecture about the aging in 2014 from the teacher of Kurume University and Tokushima University each late last week. In brief, I indulge a cell when I eat in a full stomach and seem to promote aging. The difference appeared by the experiment of the monkey in particular conspicuously.
I do not lose the temptation of the meal or want to exercise every day for one hour.
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