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Choice inspection tumor marker

It is the blood test that having cancer or not is identified as the tumor marker to some extent.
 An item to inspect varies according to the made organ of cancer. About cancer with much outbreak frequency, I prepared for a combination of tumor marker. But the yes or no of cancer is not settled only by this inspection, and please be careful as you judge having cancer or not in conjunction with a clinical survey and other inspection receiving on the day.
Pancreatic cancer
CA19-9, elastase, CEA
5,000 yen
Lung cancer
SCC antigen, NSE, CEA
5,000 yen
Uterine cancer
CA125, SCC antigen
5,000 yen
Breast cancer
2,500 yen
Examination of cancer set
Male) large intestine, liver, pancreas, lungs, prostate
CEA, AFP, CA19-9, SCC antigen, NSE, PSA
13,000 yen
(woman) Large intestine, liver, pancreas, the lungs, the uterus, the breast
CEA, AFP, CA19-9, SCC antigen, CA125, CA15-3
15,000 yen

Choice inspection cancer allied inspection

Examination of stomach cancer
(Pepsi no gene, antiHelicobacter pylori lgG antibody)
The Pepsi no gene is inspection to check having stomach cancer or not more carefully in combination with the esophagus, stomach, the duodenum, X-rays. The antiHelicobacter pylori lgG antibody is inspection to check whether there are bacteria called the Helicobacter pylori that a gastric ulcer or a duodenal ulcer, stomach cancer and connection are deep in stomach.
 10,000 yen
Examination of liver cancer
(AFP, HCV antibody)
The AFP is tumor marker of the liver cancer. It may be said that it is hard to be for liver cancer as for the HCV antibody if I do not infect these two viruses with an examination of hepatitis C virus that is one of the causes of the liver cancer (HBs antigen, HBc antibody) in addition.
4,000 yen
The chest
Examination for CT
It is very effective inspection to detect lung cancer. I recommend it to one with many cancers to regular smokers and a family.
12,000 yen
Examination of anal cancer
I use the CEA which is tumor marker together and check it.
5,000 yen
Expectoration cytodiagnosis
I confirm whether a cell of the lung cancer does not appear in a sputum.
 4,000 yen
Examination of prostate cancer
(I examine a finger PSA)
I check it with the PSA which is inspection and tumor marker to see the form of the prostate with a finger.
 3,500 yen

Other optional inspection

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