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Toward the medical personnel

I ask the teachers of the specialist in introduction

I show around little time of the waiting time if you can inquire it over a telephone beforehand.
Patient having a medical treatment reporting book copes not to make any keeping you waiting if possible.
Regional alliances room 
・Consultation of the hospitalization from organization Hospital and an emergency outpatient.
・Consultation of the changing hospital of the adjustment purpose until at-home return
・Consultation of the hospitalization that served as resupaito at the time of PEG exchange
・Nurse; consultation of the hospitalization about the place
I accept hospitalization consultation depending on circumstances.
I receive the request only for inspection.
・Upper part endoscopy
・Lower part endoscopy
・Sonography (echo)
・ABPI (blood pressure pulse wave tester)
・CT (simple contrasting)
・MRI (simple contrasting)
・Stomach seeing through

About an operation  

Hernia (possible for a short term hospitalization)
Anal diseases such as hemorrhoids rou operation, the hemorrhoids radical operation
I cope with an operation of the overall digestive organ.
I can put it for the home care
I receive the custody of the CV port, the custody of the CV catheter.

Guide of medical treatment, the inspection reservation application

When you have you introduce me to our House by an examination of medical treatment, please send it to medical treatment, an inspection application table for the FAX by FAX after entry.
If the reservation date and time are fixed, I reply by FAX.
Hand the copy of medical treatment reporting book to patient.
You fill it out and fax, and, in the case of hospitalization hope, please transmit the hospitalization application.
If I am going to be hospitalized, and the date and time are decided, hand a communication vote to patient as you reply.

File downloading

Medical treatment, inspection application for the FAX

Hospitalization application

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