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The New Year, good morning.

By the way, on 26, 27th, a limit had my outpatient in poor physical condition (gastroenteritis), but is complete recovery now at the end of last year. A patient gave a lot of words of encouragement and the visit to me. I arrange a head to note in particular physical condition management, and to be able to progress with further evolution and will get over a problem (whether it is the problem that is famous for the newspapers, but there is a problem in there being the person not to know plenty for administrative public information) this year in in coming 2018 and 2015.

Thanks and the present condition

Thank you for having a large number of people pray at the funeral service of father of October 23. In November, it is busy with DDW (Kobe), large intestine anus disease society (three folds), Japanese clinical surgery society (Tokyo), medical association general meeting (Wakayama), endoscope society district society (Kyoto)
The announcement is done somehow for the moment. There is an examination (Tokyo) of the digestive organ surgery on November 7, and a good plan becomes full, but I fix the physical condition, and the operation wants to be devoted by the clinical practice, too. In addition, it will reflect it for true clinical practice to have learned in a society.

On the weekend as for the house call,

As it was the 17th year in succession to Medical corporation Fukuji, a family patient always aged, and there was much staying alone, and several came to go for a house call on the weekend. A neighborhood thought it that there is many it for a start, a map early in the morning from 7:00, but time suffers from movement unexpectedly. I live in wakaura, and it is the 45th year, but there are many places not to know. It is strong feeling surushidaidearu in an examination by a stethoscope, an ocular inspection, palpation and a basic medical examination being important for the medical examination to be at home as I have examined it only at a hospital and can be in a condition to be able to inspect it immediately. But a patient is glad that he/she is pleased very much. I go and do a hospital and a village of the fortune work and am supported the athletic meet of the second daughter afterwards.
I participate from noon in a meeting for the study of the sponsorship of the second surgery. I study totally different medical care of the flavor and have a chat at a social gathering. The university hospital being serious in various ways.

There is still poor physical condition

For a sore throat and lassitude Saturday a day slowly. It was a meeting for the study participation plan, but cancels it in the afternoon. The meeting of the second surgery of Sunday belonging to the same school wants to attend somehow.

Is it pharyngitis in the morning as it is cool in the evening?

There was a meeting about stress check documents making (targeted for all types of industry that are higher than 50 employees) that Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare pushed forward, but time suffered today as the preparation was a spot. The medical safe meeting in a big hospital in Yokohama about an example. The risk should put that I lie hidden anywhere in all industries in the mind.
At the manager meeting, the merit and the demerit of the electronic chart, the biggest problem including the matter of the optical communication acquired a use yell for adoption of the young staff, but a high school and the technical school circumference do not be planned. It is considerably a shock. Determination to think everything to be homework without being corrupt, and to carry out tenaciously lies down more; when lied down, sprang out. Probably I only sleep today as I have a pain in throat.
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