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It was quite busy today.

I jogged of long-distance 12..6km for me yesterday. I ceased to come to have a pain in grace or knee which squatted recently. As there was not the muscular pain, I entered the hospital at 6:30 and engaged in outpatient department medical examination after rounds all day early in the morning today. Would approximately a little less than 140 outpatients be satisfied with my explanation and treatment? Duties development such as reduction to the development (not development of the treatment) of the treatment policy namely an introduction and business of the new knowledge, the improvement of the staff must accomplish further progress and evolution after having performed the acquisition (August 29) of ISO9001. I am going to introduce introduction, ISO14001 of the personnel evaluation system, a further outside evaluation including the privacy mark in future.

I was able to work thanks to a typhoon, but, in the world, damage was great.

Was a plan of the meeting for the study attendance in Kyoto from September 3, but come for duty for typhoon 12 from Kobe; tekurehazudeatta older sister is cancel. I will be on duty after all to change. Three new hospitalization and co-men stage directions of the insurance request, request making of the medical certificate were very busy. Is it comfortable if I think than I return from Kyoto and do it? I am preparing from now on to jog. I invite a child, but seem to stop it as it is toilsome. The third child wants to go, but is still difficult for 2 years old. Is it a doting parent that think that activity is considerably reliable highly probably because there are an older sister, an older brother as for this child on the top?

I acquired ISO9001.

There was a private notification of the ISO9001 acquisition. It contributes to the fact that the staff did the best, but the introduction of the new evaluation method (the results and a reward, promotion and demotion, the presentation of the action plan) including the personnel affairs examination is essential to work, and to colonize. If the thing which wrestled seriously practices planned action plan and leaves a result, it should be evaluated. It is thought that I am warned on a given occasion and am improved and am short for an expandability as organization administration. Invention is still necessary a little more that the young staff carrying the next generation makes the workplace with hope and comes to be able to return it to a patient. But our medical corporation progresses surely and thinks that I evolve.

Nice to meet you

There was jushin of the outside evaluation of ISO9001 (International Organization for Standardization) today.
Tomorrow is the last examination.
The staff thinks it to have been serious for preparations, but there is hardly no it in Wakayama, and the medical institution catching this outside evaluation is near.
A general patient the staff of other medical institutions does not often know these words oneself again, too.
However, the security of the high quality of the medical service by such outside group will be necessary for the sorting of the medical institution in future.
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