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Some pressure

The foreign medical examination of 137 people was treated yesterday for six hours probably because it was after a holiday. Would the patient who had our House have a medical examination be satisfied? When waited up to 50 minutes, but I am sorry without the patient of my fan saying to the words; joomoi ushidaidearu.
 I thank a nurse, the assistant who assisted 15 cases by digestive organ endoscopy charge until the early afternoon today.
 There was a meeting from 4:15. It is an administration meeting of the temporary nursing at home business that I launched recently. A headwind becomes the favorable wind with one rice cake person of the heart, and dissatisfaction changes satisfactorily. I took an actual voice of a patient with an evaluation without doing an inventive idea for a patient entirely, and putting too much confidence in power of the self, and progress should evolve, and even 1mm a day discussed the effect.
I would like fortune surgery Hospital to tell the which I approve of the purpose mentioned above and am wanted to act on together in future as I think our temporary nursing at home business to accomplish further development.

It is a muscular pain a little

I jogged of 15km after a long absence yesterday by a gym. I use 1000Kcal and controlled the weight to 65, 5 kg, but have too much lunch for excessive hunger. I went to the new pool of Mount Akiha with the eldest daughter, the second daughter, my wife by the promise with the child.
It was wide and was beautiful, and the 50m pool seemed to be considerably different from the pool of the gym where I went to at the best. There are many elderly people in the pool of the gym, and the congestion is serious, too. Today's operation is finished at 15:00 from 9:20. One day was expired by the measures of the different inpatient and the explanation to a family. I do calisthenics in a sauna and will fix the physical condition tomorrow as 1st becomes the foreign medical examination.

Study session of diabetes and dementia

I participated in a study session of diabetes and dementia. Diabetes is thought about in one of the causes of dementia. This seems to be because sugar becoming the only nutrient is not supplied to the nerve cells. As the diabetes treatment of the elderly person in particular often treats not only the specialist but also general internal medicine, the doctor of the surgery, attention is necessary. It is an important point to reduce a change (glucose spikes) of the blood sugar as well as hemoglobin A1c. Opportunity gagaarimashita which does oral narration and chairmanship about hypertensive treatment on September 13. The management of the blood pressure includes treatment target value, but it is important that there are few changes and is similar to blood sugar management if possible. It is necessary that my foreign medical examination diverges into many branches for general medical treatment and studies a new thing.

Mental attitude for the work

It is important to perform at the time when it was selected as what was decided. To that end, it reports it to the boss well, and it is important communication, I talk, and to confirm. But the subordinate is careful about a heart, behaviors to respect the boss, too, and is it not necessary? It is the middle class said to be so-called veteran to want it to take the lead. The young group watches language of the middle class well. Was listed in a book of the to management; was. I think it to be a matter of course.

You participate in a meeting for the study, and study hospital management

1) LDL cholesterol, control of the neutral fat after a meal become the risk of the cerebrovascular disorder that is common in Japanese as well as cardiovascular system. I can predict it for media thickenings in a carotid artery echo. Blood sugar particularly blood sugar control after a meal is important in diabetics as well as HbA!C. The drawing blood goes without food and does not do it, and what I perform after a meal in around two hours is important.
2) The unrewarded drudge is clerkdom by hospital administration. The future may be greatly replaced in particular in the managers of the section. It is the most important to ensure the work that the self decided. As the national qualification is not necessary for this work in Japan, it seems that structure evaluating ability for some kind of occupations objectively is necessary. tonokotodeshita. There is something.
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