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Through an interview of the staff

I take in an opportunity to make time, and to have a talk with each staff recently.
Population change of current Wakayama, influence (as a consumption tax is not included in medical reward for nursing care, I am said to be disadvantageous tax.) of the consumption tax It is a style of the future way and work through, bed regulation (3,000 beds of Wakayama reduces it), a local inclusion care system. Even if a patient and a care user have non-illness, and the establishment idea of our House is any health care cycles such as treatment, the medical treatment, it is a basic that have life same as the past come back by snuggling up continuously sincerely. Treatment and measures, care are means and are not a purpose. The purpose of the work is in the establishment idea mentioned above. I want to continue talking to have you understand it and work.

Pass in the silver consecutive holidays

One week is over in no time; nowadays.
On last Saturday, I participated in a meeting for the study about the hepatitis B treatment. They are extremely more intractable than hepatitis C, but most, not only the oral formulation but also combination and switch of interferon are necessary. I participated in moon example of Kishi River golf the next day and was not miserable score as much as before although it was three months since then. As Dr. senior reason, golf of the amateur seemed to considerably change in a club; soon the complete reform of the club. Duty and the oral narration preparations for yesterday's digestive organ disease congress, a filing after the remodeling of the outpatient department measures ground that I constructed in a rush were busy for next three days. I train after dinner as ever by a gym, but want to be careful not to strain itself too much by night. I am going to announce November at digestive organ endoscope society district society, large intestine anus disease society general meeting, Japanese clinical surgery society, Wakayama Medical Association general meeting, and are nanodebotsuboru preparations need?

Participate in a primary care meeting for the study

I participated in obesity and a lifestyle-related disease, recent infectious disease measures, vaccination, the urination disorder of the man and woman, the digestive organ disease that it made a specialty of it and a meeting for the study of a wide variety of synthesis medical treatment on Saturday on Sunday. There were many 89% of Dr. participation with a physician, and 6% were the minority with a surgery system doctor. There is hope that a 70% near person wants to be treated for family medicine rather than the medical treatment of the specialist every domain by a prior questionnaire of a patient, and the synthesis medical treatment medicine that I talk even about not only having a specialty domain but also anything, and the treatment does appropriately seems to be required. Because Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare receives medical care for the status quo than man 71 years old, woman 73 years old or more becoming healthy, an indicator that you should make much of a function (even if there is a specialty) of the family medicine exits. The surgeon from Wakayama Medical Univ. of the Showa era received training to give inspection, treatment of the digestive organ internal medicine, and there were many doctors who carried it out, but it seemed that study of the further synthesis medical treatment was necessary.

The poor physical condition is relieved, too

It aches with a prick to a waist on about last month 18, and a rash appears in the small range. I take an antiviral agent and cancel monthly golf of the weekend. Because the second daughter of the kindergarten wants to make cycling when in the house, I will go to a marina. I will play in a daily amusement park and tan in black after all. I continue giving medical care while enduring a prick and recover completely now. I went to the Mount Akiha pool late last week
Play with a child in Mount Akiha Park without being able to enter it in a national polity qualifier after all; afterwards to the exploration. It is the site of the Miyamoto Hospital that I go, and arrived at the backside of Mount Akiha. Without having been tired a little to come back to the bicycle parking lot, but there being power, and being tired, and the 6-year-old daughter knowing it. Muscles to use even if I forge it by a gym seem to be different.
In addition, it is not a machine substitute, but shall I plan an increase of the physical strength by playing with a daughter?

Participate in the training, a meeting for the study, an education seminar

As it was only one of me, it became the pair with the teacher of Kinki University in Wakayama in a training center of Tokyo Shinagawa and did training about laparoscopic groin hernia and a therapeutic procedure of abdominal wall scar Hel two. It was substantial very fast that time passed. I participate in the study session about the SGLT2 inhibitor afterwards. As lecturers were good, it was studied very much. I attended Japan Gastroenterological Endoscopy Society and an education seminar the next day. They were quite tight, and specialties of Nagoya did not have time to eat. I was able to make all use in clinical practice from tomorrow. It is important thing above all I change a medical technology and the knowledge to the wisdom, and to return to a patient. I will decide to take a rest early tomorrow as there are four operations.
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