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The first medical examination, reservation of the inspection

I act as a foreign medical examination, the inspection without keeping you waiting as much as possible to inspect it on the day, and to be able to perform a diagnosis, treatment if there is hope.
Please cooperate to have you make a reservation as possible beforehand.
TEL. +81-73-445-3101
(FAX) 073-445-4660 
(from 9:00 to 17:00)
In the case of in E-mail, please make a reservation three days before the day desired. I return an answer as soon as I accept it.
In the case of dispatch, please make a reservation on the telephone.
The person without the reservation examines the cause of the understanding of re-examination patient appropriately. In addition, please report to the reception desk as emergency patient, a child, the person who is poor in the condition take first priority.

Because I do not keep you waiting, a reservation gives a necessary test

1)It is a continuation electrocardiogram for 6 examination of 5 examination for upper part endoscopy 2) lower part endoscopy 3) echo check (other than the abdomen, the abdomen) 4) CT (other than the abdomen, the abdomen)) MRI (other than the abdomen, the abdomen)) nourishment instruction 7) stomach seeing through, small intestine, expiration test 10) 24 hours of large intestine radioscope 8) blood vessel shooting inspection 9) Helicobacter pylori

In addition, the inspection to want you to have a medical examination without having breakfast on the day is a green letter.
You may have you take water, the tea (you remove tea).
Please consult about the person taking medicine at other hospitals beforehand.

The inspection that is possible without a reservation

Blood test, urinalysis, electrocardiogram (the public), examination of breathing function, simple X-rays shooting (the chest, the abdomen, joint, bone density, renal pelvis ureter contrasting), the oxygen saturation measurement, arterial blood gas analysis, examination of bacteriologic culture
Medical corporation Fukuji fortune surgery hospital
Wakaurahigashi, Wakayama-shi, Wakayama
TEL. 073-445-3101
FAX. 073-445-4660
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