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Guidance of the hospitalization

Hospitalization procedure
Please receive a diagnosis, an inspection matter, a treatment policy, meal contents, explanation of the expected length of stay from a doctor. Please apply for the hospitalization on this occasion as I make a hospital care plan and hand it after it is understood and was agreed.
Hospitalization application
The outpatient department staff will explain rules of the future schedule and hospitalization life.
You may have to wait for a sickroom you like, but, depending on the space situation of the room, thank you for your understanding. The person hospitalized assuming an operation inspects it to evaluate a preoperative state.
(I may further give priority to treatment before overhaul and operation depending on an inspection result in preoperation)

Application for CS set
CS (care support) set is the service that put the rental of clothing and the towel necessary for hospitalization, entrance life and the offer of a paper diaper and the everyday life article together. We do not have to worry about the additional charge and, not the number of number of times and distribution of the change of clothes, can use a necessary thing to be expected to pay a decided day's sum rate through a period of use when it is necessary. I reduce a burden on person of entrance state of patient or preparations or washing, supplement of family, and "it is empty-handed, and hospitalization, entrance" is empty-handed, and "it realizes a discharge, an exit". Even sudden hospitalization is available immediately from the day.
Hospitalization decision
When I am going to be hospitalized, and the date and time are fixed immediately, come on planned day of admission.
Decision dekinaiha, the person in charge will cope a schedule.
The day of the hospitalization
You get ready for the hospitalization, and come to the reception desk to be in time for designated time.
A person in charge will lead you to the room.

I have you bring it at the time of hospitalization

Required document
Identification of health insurance card / medical care recipient (the one where the public money burden medical care is caught in ※ old man insurance) / discharge certificate (within ※ past three months in other hospitals one with a history of the hospitalization) / hospital card / hospitalization application / solidarity warranty / seal (possible ※ private seal) / hospitalization guidance
Washing face shampoo tool
Washbowl / toothbrush / toothbrushing powder / soap / shaver / comb / shampoo / towel / bath towels
Meal tool
Do this, and do /; box / mug / spoon / dishcloth / teapots
ClothingNight clothes / underwear
OthersSlippers or shitsunai* (grippy thing comfortable to walk in which does not make a sound) tissue / plastic bag

The documents which are necessary at the time of hospitalization

Hospitalization warranty

In the case of a hospitalization procedure, please write a hospitalization warranty. You have you confirm contents well, and, after joint signature, the sealing of patient and the guarantor, please submit it to the charge staff.
●... guarantor asks the one that I can bear with responsibility about a hospitalized expense about a guarantor. In addition, I ask for address (contact information) where is different from patient.

Health insurance card (health insurance card)

In the case of a hospitalization procedure, the use, please submit the health insurance card, an identification of recipient, a medical care ticket, a certificate by social insurance, National Health Insurance, geriatric medicine and various public money furtherance by all means (please offer the one corresponded to to welfare, a workmen's accident compensation insurance, compulsory automobile liability insurance). When these presentation is late, please be careful as it is an own expense rate during the period.

File downloading

Hospitalization life (rules)

About getting up, going to bed

  • As for the getting up, 6:00 a.m. lights out is 9:00 p.m.

About a meal

  • I provide a meal managed by the instructions of the doctor by an administrative dietitian at a good time, right temperature.
  • Serving meals time
    Breakfast Lunch Dinner
    About 8:00 a.m. About 12:00 About 6:00 p.m.
        I deliver it and cannot cook my own meals.

About illness clothes

  • Please use the illness clothes to appoint of the hospital during hospitalization in consideration of hygiene sides (65 yen a day). Please offer the one where your pajamas want to be worn by circumstances.

About washing

  • A dryer, a washing machine are installed in the washing room on the fourth floor. (pay)
    In addition, I can ask a supplier for washing for a fee. Ask the nurse of the ward about the details.

About the attendant of the family

  • The principle attendant does not have a necessary mat, but please offer the one you like.    

About cash, valuables

  • I cannot take cash, the valuables at our hospital. You put it in the attached simple safe to the floor head rest in the sickroom, and please manage it by yourself. As there might be the theft, large sum of money and the valuables hope that you do not have it.

About a cell-phone

  • As the cell-phone in the hospital causes the malfunction of the medical equipment, I cannot use it any place other than the decided place.

Available place

  • Waiting for in the first floor
  • Waiting room of the 2.3 floor ward
  • Sickroom (when there is not medical equipment) of the private room

※ As the PHS that the staff uses does not affect the medical equipment, don't worry.

About smoking cessation

  • Our hospital becomes the outdoor all smoking cessation in the hospital.

About an electric appliance

The electric appliance which is available for a carry-on

Electric bean jam or electric blanket, electric shaver, portable DVD, radio radio and cassette player note PC (I cannot watch TV with a PC with the Internet and a TV tuner)

The electric appliance that a carry-on is not possible

VCR, DVD deck, electric pot, refrigerator

※ Please consult with a nurse other than the above.

About a sickroom

  • Please tidy up a locker, the bed rotation by each person.
  • I comprise TV (only as for the ground wave), a refrigerator, the accessory case with the key to the floor head rest of each sickroom bed side. A refrigerator, the use of TV become the method to insert a TV card in.
    ※About the use of facilities, a signature to predetermined written consent is necessary.
    When you watch TV in a multi-floor room, please use the earphone. (I can purchase the earphone in the third-floor nurse station.


About a name band

  • I attach the name band where I wrote the name to an arm and confirm that it is patient you to be able to be hospitalized safely at our hospital. Please note that you observe a trouble of the skin during wearing and remove it at the time of the discharge.

About the Personal Information Protection Law

I give following response by the Personal Information Protection Law.

  • I do not do the correspondence about having agency and hospitalization or not of the telephone from the outside.
  • When a case and the meeting that it does not want to be known by that I am hospitalized are refused, please report to a nurse.
  • If, as a general rule, it is not the person, I cannot hand the documents such as medical certificates. As proxy is necessary when the person cannot receive it, please report.
  • I show an intravenous feeding bottle, a blood transfusion bag, a nourishment bottle, a medicine cart name band, a sickroom or each bed rocker the name to offer security.
  • I may offer information to the associated facilities to cooperate smoothly when the continuation of treatment and the nursing is necessary. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.

About a medical certificate, a certificate

  • The person needing a medical certificate, a certificate of toinshoshiki, please report to a doctor or a nurse during hospitalization.
  • Please submit the one needing "a hospitalization certificate" of the life insurance to a general receptionist with an application (in the counter on the first floor) at the time of a discharge. Please submit the one of the discharge after the discharge on a holiday. The hospitalization certificate takes 2 weeks for making. Thank you for your understanding.

About a machine and the device of the hospital

  • I wish to avoid accident prevention, malfunction, trouble to never touch it at a machine and the device in the hospital (respirator, automatic sphygmomanometer, infusion pump, electrocardiogram).
    When it is damaged, a medical appliance or equipment may have the actual expenses.

About the knowledge at the time of disaster prevention, the emergency

  • In disaster prevention, please do not dry the laundry in the sickroom.
  • Please evacuate according to instructions of the staff calmly by any chance when a fire or an earthquake take place. The evacuation site is "wakaurashogakuko".
  • Please confirm the emergency exit by all means. There is indication.

About a rule of the hospitalization life

  • The building of our hospital becomes the structure ventilating without opening a window. Prevent you from opening the window for maintenance of the room temperature, prevention of approach of the pest as much as possible.
  • In the case of unreasonable act, violence, verbal abuse, sexual harassment of the patient and family, I cannot but take the compulsory execution.
  • The consideration with money and goods to the staff declines it.
  • A nurse explains facilities and the daily work of the ward after the hospitalization.
  • I will inform you after the discharge about the hospitalized thing left behind, but please note that you dispose when you cannot come to take it even if over for a certain period of time.

Medical consultation, nursing consultation, care consultation

  • There are a home care support office, a temporary nursing at home station, a medical welfare counselor's office in our hospital and supports it at-home, to come back during hospitalization from the start, and to be after, and local in peace, to be able to live a life. I accept consultation such as an economic aspect, a system side, care insurance, the temporary nursing at home.

About hospital charges, payment

About hospital charges

  • Please pay it every month at a reception desk on the first floor as you settle it every 10th and distribute a bill on 5, 15, 25th. The payment by the transfer is possible, too.
  • Please pay the accounts in case of the discharge on the day of the discharge.
    As you contact you in the case of a discharge of the overtime (closing the office day and specific on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays) after the end of holidays, please pay by a window or transfer later. (as you cannot issue the receipt, in the case of transfer, please keep a transfer paper reserve.)
  • When I apply to an insurer of the participation insurance, and inpatient younger than 70 years has I have you issue "a ceiling application certificate", and a hospital reception desk window show it, I calculate the bill with the burden to the ceiling of each patient. As for patient who does not go for a procedure, I would like the application to each insurer in early (during hospitalization this month) if possible.
    In addition, in a hospital reception desk window of the presentation when there is not it, calculate it with a normal 30% burden, and is expected to pay it. The certificate, please be careful in one becoming effective from the moon applied for
  • Look at the page about the payment of medical expenses about hospital charges payment, "a ceiling application certificate" in detail.


Hospital room rent not covered by a health insurance plan (it includes a private room, a twin room rate, a room for three rate tax)

Hospital room rent not covered by a health insurance plan (tax-included)
Private room A
11,000 yen
With toilet, washing face with a table
Private room B
8,800 yen
With no toilet, washing face with a table
Private room C
7,700 yen
No with no toilet, washstand
Twin room
4,400 yen
There is with no toilet, a washstand
Twin room
3,300 yen
No with no toilet, washstand
Room for three
3,300 yen
No with no toilet, washstand
A large room and
Management treatment room
Free of charge
No with no toilet, washstand

About a meeting

●The visiting hours
 Weekdays: From 2:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
 Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays: From 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
  • I would like the meeting in time selected as at a meeting corner.
  • Of the overtime cannot meet you. But, in the case of urgent business, please report to a nurse.
  • The meeting reports to a nurse in a ward, and please fill out a meeting book.

Discharge procedure

About a discharge procedure

On a discharge, please pay the hospital charges until a discharge, other expenses to a payment teller. If adjustment preparations are set, I will tell you than a nurse of the charge.
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