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Digestive organ endoscopy

Digestive organ endoscopy system

An endoscope video scope system: I can receive "EVIS LUSERA SPECTRUM NBI system" the highest endoscope medical care in our House. By "narrowband light observation (NBI)" which I emphasized the minute blood vessel and design of the mucous membrane and could see in detail technique, I came to be able to realize early detection, early treatment more.

The upper part and lower part endoscopy

1)Upper part endoscopy : I observe the esophagus, stomach, the duodenum directly.
 The person of a high dangerous group of cancers performs pigment endoscopy (I spray inspection liquid on a gastric mucosa and attach contrast and can observe it in detail.) to find a minute lesion. The inspection of Helicobacter pylori is possible, too. The treatment a varix, art of hemostasis, a polyp, the excision of early cancer, the extraction of the alien substance which drank by mistake. Inspection time approximately five minutes.
 2)Lower part endoscopy: By inspection to observe the distal portion of all large and small intestines, I can find a cancer and a polyp.
It is necessary to take a laxative unlike upper part endoscope, and to give the stool before inspection. I have I prepare three kinds of laxatives, and oneself of patient choose it from a bowel habit of patient in our House. Inspection time approximately 15 minutes. These endoscopy can give treatment such as the excision of the polyp for painlessness.
 3)An examination of endoscopic retrograde biliary tract pancreatic duct contrasting: I use X-rays together with an endoscope and inspect bile duct, pancreas.
The extraction of the bile duct calculus is possible, too. Inspection time approximately 15 minutes.
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