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The smoking cessation that is not stopped is "a nicotine dependency". Nicotine has mental body-like dependence like a drug.
Therefore symptoms such as the irritation appear when I give up smoking, and it may be difficult to continue smoking cessation only by one's power.
 In our House, "a nicotine dependency" is treated as the cause, a harmful effect of the cooperation of a doctor and the pharmacist.

 Still non-smoking outpatient ※It is necessary to meet the condition of the following items to be similar, and to receive non-smoking treatment.
※A non-smoking outpatient: The specialized foreign subject that was made for the person who wanted to give up smoking.
①Oneself of patient expect smoking cessation.
②The person who had a diagnosis that I perform the schooling test (TDS) for the nicotine dependence diagnosis and am more than five points.
③There is the thing which took the smoking number of years and a daily number of cigarettes smoked more than 200.
④You read the sentence about the therapeutic method, and describe a written consent about the treatment.
Insurance is indicated for the treatment with non-smoking internal use agent to five times, and it is the five times of eyes in total, and it is the end once for eyes .12 weeks for eyes .8 weeks for eyes .4 weeks for first .2 weeks. Meanwhile, I receive prescription of the medicine (Champix) which does not include nicotine and, unlike nicotine patch and a nicotine gum, give up smoking. In addition, please talk with a doctor as you become out of insurance adaptation after the fifth.
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