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Ulcerated treatment

The ulcer is the disease that a gastrointestinal mucous membrane is damaged. Bleeding, the treatment that is severe as it merges peritonitis, and an operation may be necessary by perforation are necessary if I become terrible.

Esophagus ulcer

It takes place for regurgitant esophagitis, injury, drug. They may present with heartburn, abdominal pain, hematemesis as a symptom. I observe a range and degree by endoscopy and am often relieved by a diet cure and internal use.

The part which leads to stomach from the esophagus "is called a lower part esophagus strangulation part (LES), but this part works of "the valve" preventing the countercurrent to the esophagus. Secretion of the gastric juice becomes active, and LES sometimes opens as "an address" after a meal, too. Therefore acid gastric juice becomes easy to flow backward in the esophagus, and the mucous membrane of the esophagus is stimulated in acid gastric juice, and an unpleasant symptom including "heartburn" is caused. Because countercurrents of the gastric juice increase when a function of LES worsens, the unpleasant symptoms such as "heartburn" become severe, and the number of times to have the symptom increases. I suffer from the regurgitant esophagitis that inflammation is caused by a countercurrent of the gastric juice on the mucous membrane of the esophagus when I leave you unattended as it is.

Stomach duodenal ulcer

A cause includes stress, palatableness, drug characteristics, an infectious disease of the Helicobacter pylori. Generally, it is relieved when I take medicine, but it is easy to recur and may follow chronic progress.
The frequency to recur when I perform the sanitization internal use law (seven days) of bacteria in the Helicobacter pylori-positive patients considerably decreases recently.
As for the ulcerated treatment, the internal use of the antiulcer agent, sanitization therapy of Helicobacter pylori become the two major treatment pillar. Furthermore, the diet cure by the dietician is necessary, too.
The laboratory procedure of Helicobacter pylori
1) Expiration test, 2) urinalysis, examination of 3) mail, CLO test in 4) endoscopes, 5) blood tests

Small intestine ulcer

It is very rare, but causes ileus, the blood in stool. Lesions tend to occur frequently, and there is often the definitive diagnosis by endoscopy out of the perioperative art.

Large intestine ulcer

I may be angry for bacterial infection, a pain-killer. It is often relieved by internal use. Large intestine endoscopy, an examination of stool bacteriologic culture are necessary.
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