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Anal disease Q&A

Q&A (common question and answer)

1) Anal structure, work, the structure of the bowel movement, the burden to anus, anal illness, the symptom of hemorrhoids
2) Anal illness, a cause, a kind, a symptom, the diagnosis of hemorrhoids, medical treatment and operation
3) The relapse rate of the hemorrhoids operation? A ligation (kessatsu) resection and sclerotherapy
4) What is hemorrhoids operation not to drain off? Sclerotherapy
5) The anal fissure which is common in young fellows
6) Can leave hemorrhoids? The distinction with colon cancer?
7) There was bleeding on defecation. Where should I go to for a medical examination?
8) The disease that pus collects around anus?
9) datsu* and a prolapse of the rectum
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