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One-day operation

Is it not a trouble?

Do you         know?
     A one-day short-term hospitalization operation
        I am received at a fortune surgery hospital.

  After doing the next House in the morning in a hospital, and having you operate on in the morning, and following it up, and having consulted you,
 Or, on the evening of the day, it becomes the return the next day.
  One lived together with necessary suru family by care and the small which a child is, and cannot be away from a house,
 In addition, you can treat it to a lifestyle in the one that does not rest work for a long term.
   The target disease in our House: Anal disease, groin hernia (hernia), laparoscopic gallbladder extraction operation
            Endoscopic polypectomy
        ※It is not had an operation all patients for a short term.
         I have you consult the doctor and am decided.
  To consult the doctor; by a heart trouble and diabetes, cranial neuropathy, a bloodstream disorder,
  To get the permission of the operation to patient under treatment in other Houses; a reporting book from our House
  I may ask. In addition, the case that circulatory organ department consultation and the internal medicine consultation of our House are necessary for
  There is it.
  At first please talk.               Medical corporation Fukuji fortune surgery hospital

Until the day of the operation

Until the day of the operation
The first medical examination
Please perform a medical examination of a telephone of making a reservation for foreign acceptance to have a smooth examination.
When it is done the next House without a reservation, I adjust office hours based on status of the day.
 At first it is interviewed  : A charge nurse hears it about information of patient.
 Then, I am examined : I give an explanation about a medical examination, the operation from a doctor in a consulting room.
Hospitalization explanation
 When an operation day is decided beforehand, I give an explanation about the necessary article at the time of hospitalization guidance, an operation at the time of the first medical examination,
 I explain how to spend until an operation day.
Inspection before operation    Pulmonary function, X-rays, please undergo a necessary examination a blood test, an electrocardiogram.
As of the explanation by the pharmacist, I explain medicine confirmation and the discontinuation taking.
 (the person with the medicine prescribed from other Houses, please bring a medicine notebook or oral medicine)
As I explain the explanation of the test result and an operation method and an anesthesia method than a doctor, I come with family
I have you do a House and establish the operation. (written consent confirmation)
I do explanation until the day of the operation than a nurse.

From the day of the operation to a discharge

From the day of the operation to a discharge
After having confirmed the required document including a hospitalization written oath, the smoking cessation written consent which had you submit it at a reception desk, the uninsured request written consent, I guide you to a sickroom.
I am put on a drip with the preparations for operation in a sickroom. I have you change into gown, and finish a restroom and go to the operating room on foot afterwards.
At the time of the admission to the operating room, I do name confirmation and the confirmation of the surgical site.
After admission, I lie in bed in a bed and start the whole body management with the monitor and the blood pressure measurement every five minutes.
After anesthesia introduction, an operation is started.
After an operation, I make an attendant court lady to pajamas prepared for and do kaesashitsu on a stretcher in a sickroom.
Follow-up, medical examination, discharge
After an operation, please take a rest in a sickroom until you awake from anesthesia.
I do the postoperative walk situation and urination confirmation. In addition, the meal consumes fluid food after an operation, too, and please consume dinner.
It becomes the trace discharge decision that consulted the doctor in the evening.
In response to the explanation from a pharmacist, I explain the precaution after discharge instruction and the return and next consultation from a nurse.
 Inquiry foam is this
TEL. +81-73-445-3101
I wait for the inquiry over the telephone
Medical corporation Fukuji fortune surgery hospital
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