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The endoscope results

Endoscopic tendency to contribute to the cancer prevention

After having acquired the latest peak in 2014, I am slightly decreasing slightly, and the number of endoscopy changes. However, the polypectomy to remove the lower part gastrointestinal tract endoscopy (following CS) using the fiberoptic colonoscope and line tumor (senshu)-related polyp which is more likely to cancerate surgically tends to increase in spite of being a kan person.
GIS: Upper part digestive organ endoscopy.
Large intestine polype ku: Large intestine polypectomy.

A large intestine camera, the large intestine polypectomy operation are tendencies to increase gently

Number of endoscopy breakdown number

Stomach ESD, the results in the new cure including ERCP

Large intestine endoscopy (following CS) increases with the number of endoscopy, treatment and there is not so much number itself yet, but increases by the new cures as a substitute for the conventional mucous membrane resection (following EMR) such as skill in gastric mucosa lower layer detachment (following stomach ESD), skill in mucosa of large intestine lower layer detachment (following large intestine ESD) from 2014.
ESD,EMR: It is a therapeutic procedure name with the digestive organ endoscope.
ERCP: Biliary tract endoscopy

About large intestine endoscopy

About endoscopy and treatment (cf. endoscope treatment

Endoscopy, term explanation (reference: endoscopic treatment) of the treatment

Large intestine poripekutomi (polypectomy)
The large intestine polyp greatly separates you and is divided into a hyperplastic polyp irrelevant to cancer and an adenoma-related polyp said to be the bud of cancer mainly. The hyperplastic polyp does not become a target of the treatment basically. The adenoma-related polyp which may cancerate becomes a target of the polypectomy.
Lower part gastrointestinal tract endoscopy
Upper part gastrointestinal tract endoscopy: I diagnose the stomach cancer, cancer of the esophagus stomach, duodenal ulcer gastritis countercurrent-related esophagitis. I can check having Helicobacter pylori or not.
Biliary tract endoscopy

I insert an endoscope in common bile duct and inject contrast media from the thin tube which there was over there and am high inspection of the precision to contrast biliary tract system, pancreatic duct directly.

The diagnosis of the disease of pancreas, biliary tract origin cannot miss it. By one inspection, bile duct, gallbladder, various information and calculus removal including the pancreatic duct, the treatment including the stenting are possible at the same time, too.

When there are the doubt of pancreas and the biliary tract disease, an unidentified epigastric mass, I am used. In addition, I gather pancreatic juice and choler in this inspection directly and can make cancer diagnoses such as the cytodiagnosis by an overhaul

Stomach ESD
Art of endoscopic mucous membrane lower layer detachment: Endoscopic Submucosal Dissection:
The wall of the esophagus and the stomach is made from the mucous membrane layer, the mucous membrane lower layer, the plural layers including the muscular layer, but cancer exfoliates the mucous membrane lower layer who included the class of mucous membranes by upper part digestive organ endoscopy for an earlier lesion in a cancer from a gastrointestinal lumen in an early stage to occur from the class of mucous membranes which are the inside layer and is a cure to remove a lesion surgically collectively. It takes effect for the purpose of a total resection.
Large intestine ESD
I indicated ESD mentioned above for large intestine.
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