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Participate in the dementia meeting for the study of the neurosurgeon

I participated in a neurosurgical dementia meeting for the study in Chisato, Osaka on October 12. Dementia to be cured in surgery has original ordinary pressure hydrocephalus.
Dementia has various condition of a patient, but rapid aging and the increase of the dementia patient more than the expectation can say to a menace to solve it only in doctors of the nerve psychiatry. A specialty was digestive organ internal medicine, surgery, but thought that it was necessary to cooperate with a specialist that the outpatient opened a frontage, and the general doctor who treated you received the further training, and to examine a dementia patient (from slightness to moderate degree), and to be under the medical treatment like me for some time past. As there was a cooperation request in patients with dementia from a doctor of the neurology of the friend by chance today when I thought so, I was surprised a little, but decided to consent to it. I have you instruct a specialist not to lose and will do my best. As there is me whom spots dementia develops in in the patient

Recent dyslipidemia and blood pressure management

I participated in a meeting for the study on the weekend. I observed some athletic meets of the second daughter afterwards. I thank the grandparents whom he/she supported.
 1) Araki Don sun / eicosapentaenoic acid ratio, high sensitive CRP are important for a predictive factor of myocardial infarction. Even if I exercise no matter how much
   As I am at increased risk for dying suddenly when there is these data abnormality, it is to watch out. I reflect it for every day clinical inspection from tomorrow
   I want to let you do it.
 2) As for the blood pressure management, an aim number is determined by a disease and age, but is different from Japan in Europe and America. I sleep, and nothing becomes heard after the fact that Japanese
   The first of the cause is dementia for cerebral infarction next. In being able to prevent the cerebral infarction by the blood pressure management that is closer than myocardial infarction
   It seems to be good for the patient I have you swell and measure home blood pressure, and to manage closely.
 3) There is a digestive organ-related big congress in Tokyo Shinagawa, but I am sorry this week without being able to participate for weekdays. According to the circumstances of the meeting place
  I think, but want you to consider a schedule a little more.

Participate in a meeting for the study

 On September 29, I participated in the local meeting and education seminar of the digestive organ disease society in Osaka. 1) A recent treatment policy of stomach cancer, anticancer agent treatment 2) type B of colon cancer and the hepatitis C, measures of 3) fat hepatitis. I want to make use for future clinical practice.
 September 30: I wrote comment of the insurance request from an early morning. It is just return by car an encounter for the family who went for jogging from noon, but was it for shopping when I think to be hot, and to take a break at 9km by messa. I swam 500m if I tried to be you, and sunshade was refreshing by a gym after I took a break.
 September 30: Another September is over, too. A foreign medical examination was busy busily.
 October 1: With a few operations with two cases, but measures and a lot of documents book kiga, tightening are the end in the last inning of the progress confirmation of office work and morning gathering instructions at about 18:00.

Holiday after a long absence

A doctor on duty is sho shiyukkudekita in having come today. I get up at 5:00. It is jogged of 12km at 6:00. As I ran 9km yesterday by a gym, I am slightly getting completely exhausted a little. I went to my office at 8:00 and, after a shower, visited a patient mainly in preoperation of the hospitalization. The interview of the reporter of the Yomiuri Shimbun is 90 minutes from 10:00.
He/she seems to publish it in Wakayama version by a special feature of the ability of the hospital. Explanation preoperative from 13:00. It is the visit to a grave of the grandparents of the mother's side in Iwade in whole family from 14:00. Is a buffet after spend time including the catch in a riverbed park of Kinokawa to be hatched; dinner. I am attendance for night duty from now on. It will be the visit to a grave plan of grandparents of the father's side of Arida in families tomorrow at 6:00 a.m. The family has already gone to bed partly. Early.


I think that it is important thing most to offer medical care, the welfare that even tissue brings up the staff of the medical corporation and snuggles up to a patient. I progress and evolve surely, and the nurse of our House will be relied on led by a manager more than now by a patient. There is company love, and other staff is reliable, too. It is important that an office work section pulling medical economic management afterward greatly revolutionizes. Organizing begins when the leader of section changed, but comes at the time when you put outside evaluation if you allow the change that the old condition is still enough for and should consider.
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