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Approach to medical security

I work on the prevention of the medical accident so that patient feels relieved, and safe medical care is received.

Medical safety management guideline

  • I fix the environment where patient feels relieved, and safe medical care is received
  • For the purpose of medical quality and securing of security, I make safe clinical practice with the whole staff

About an approach

Approach of the name confirmation

For treatment of patient, it is a doctor, a nurse, much medical care including the laboratory technician
A worker is concerned.
I touch it in an occasion and confirm the name to give safe medical care in our House. By the repetition is confirmed, and cause you trouble, but please cooperate.

Fall, fall preventive approach

I perform confirmation about the risk of a fall, the fall for inpatients on the day of the hospitalization. In this way, I can observe it enough and get prompt correspondence. In young person and a walk one without the problem of the fall as is possible, understand it; thank you for your cooperation.

Confirmation with the medicine notebook

I confirm what kind of medicine patient takes now. The information of the wrong medicine influences treatment.
I have you show a medicine notebook and grasp correct information.

Intelligence from an example

Not only I put up a report, consultation, measures, but also the person concerned, the detector reports the example that was about to become a medical accident and the accident according to a constant style every day for less than 24 hours each time. Of improvement and the accident of the medical quality prevent it, and is for preventive measures against recurrences. I plan better measures, level improvement in the medical safety of the staff after the examination by the monthly committee.

About a biofollowing article

The biofollowing article is a pharmaceutical product indicating quality, the effectiveness, the safety that is equal to biomedicine (the pharmaceutical products which assumed the protein which I prepared using a genetic modification and cell culture technology an active ingredient) which has been already approved in the country.
It is used by diabetes treatment, anemia treatment, cancer treatment mainly.
The supply of pharmaceutical products is unstable these days. I cope appropriately and will give an explanation that I change pharmaceutical products by the supply situation.
At our hospital, I will push forward the use of the biofollowing article from now on.
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