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Treatment of the hernia

The hernia means that I escape. As an escaping organ is often the bowel in the general digestive organ surgery, it is called the hernia. The organ which says for a long time, and escaped not to dissolve to leave becomes hard to be restored and causes a blood circulation disorder and may be necrotized, and an emergency surgery may be necessary. It is the following disease to be treated.
Navel (navel) hernia: It is so-called protruding navel.
Abdominal wall scar (it blows) hernia: It is a hernia to go out of a part of the past operation wound. The postoperative number of years does not matter.
Inner hernia (obturator foramen hernia): Because the bowels fall into a part in the abdominal cavity, it becomes ileus.
sokei hernia: Generally, I am called a hernia, and am recognized with inguinal part (from inferior belly swelling of the pubic region).
Thigh hernia: The thing in the stomach says a thing coming out to the femor front.

About sokei hernia, thigh hernia

■Through sokei ring in from outside sokei (indirectly) hernia stomachs, the small intestine comes out. Most of sokei hernia are this outside sokei hernia. It tends to be frequent in the physical right side. Spermatic cord is a woman, and uterus ligament appears from a stomach in the men from inner sokei ring. 
■The small intestine comes out directly without going along sokeio in the inner sokei (directly) hernia. There is fewer it than outside sokei hernia, but is frequent in an elderly person.
■The small intestine appears through a pipe called a certain femoral canal toward the foot a little than thigh hernia inguinal part. It is frequent in the woman (delivered one) after the middle-age.

I stand up, and the root (inguinal part) of the foot swells out when I lay emphasis on a stomach, and, in the case of a man, there is the thing to reach to a scrotum with the big thing. The lump-formed swelling and stiffness lay a body and may disappear when they control it by hand. When the bowels appear and enter, as for the special symptoms such as a light pain or the pain that exchanges violent arm thrusts, and constipation gets up, and is strong, there are none. When I do not come back with jumping out, an emergency surgery is necessary for (kanton state).
 Natural things are seen a lot in children, but adult is caused by a thing becoming weak as an organization of the inguinal part gets old.
Flow of the operation
Is careful before 1, an operation; with a drum: I inspect blood or the electrocardiogram. Afterwards, as I diagnose it to decide the treatment that accepted an each person's patient, I treat other diseases, and a patient drinking medicine, please report. In addition, eating and drinking are stopped, but please protect it from the time when it was appointed as this is to be concerned with the security of the operation. 2, anesthesia: I perform it by general anesthesia or a method to anesthetize the half of the body called lumber anesthesia or the epidural.

There is such operation method
1) Pass through a laparoscopic mouse; skill in hernia restoration: An early pain is light, and the comeback to normal life is early, and it is said that there are many advantages such as there being little pain after the chronic operation after the operation than the conventional incision method. In addition, various improvement is added to a maneuver and machine parts, and the operation manual skill is finished, too. I pass through all mice by the statistics of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare as of 2018 and 36.6% of hernia were laparoscopic law, but are further increasing now. I choose the all cases laparoscope method other than the ileus merger and the general anesthesia impossibility case by the strangulation at our hospital. I had 332 experience as of December, 2020, and there were not the serious complications.
2) The conventional incision method: I cut the place of the root of the foot open approximately 3cm and perform it. I am going to prevent a recurrence of the hernia by seaming muscle of the abdominal wall together, and blocking up the exit of the hernia after the method performed from the old days tied up (hernia sac) with a bag of the hernia at the root. It is a difficult point after the operation by this method that a feeling of thrust of the root of the foot continues for a while. In addition, I get old, and muscle becomes weaker, and hernia is caused again. The operation using the artificial reinforcing structure which blocked up the exit of the hernia, and could reinforce the abdominal wall came to be carried out recently. As there is the reinforcement of artificial materials even if the abdominal wall becomes weak by this method, it becomes hard to have a postoperative hernia relapse rate. (relapse rate less than 1%). The local anesthesia enables the operation as well as the half of the body anesthesia and is over for a short time (less than one hour).
3, it is an incision of the skin:  I cut hypogastric skin open around 3cm.
4, it is the processing of the hernia sac: I cut a hernia sac open after other organizations and share figures a little and return contents (the small intestine) in a stomach. Then, after having tied up a hernia sac at the root, I remove it surgically and return the beginning to a stomach.
5, it is reinforcement by the reinforcement mesh of the outskirts organization: I fit an artificial reinforcing structure in the place that became weak so that hernia does not come out again. The artificial reinforcing structure blocks up the exit of the hernia and covers the inside plane of the stomach and reinforces the organization which became weak. The reinforcing structure is made with artificial material told that a body does not have harm on a tender mesh-formed seat. It is a characteristic that there are few postoperative feeling of thrust and pain, recurrences.
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