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Treatment policy of digestive organ cancer (the esophagus, stomach, colon cancer)

A treatment policy is fixed at a stage of a disease (time) when a cancer was detected by the part.

Endoscopic treatment

It is a therapeutic method to remove a tumor surgically using an endoscope.
 Early cancer without the metastasis to lymphatic gland may be available for endoscopic treatment by various kinds of overhauls.

Tumor medical treatment with anticancer agent

Intravenous feeding, the whole body dosage of the anticancer agent by the internal use
A method to do before an operation: When the progression of cancer cannot expect radical cure-related (total resection) by an operation by a preoperative diagnosis remarkably, at first I treat it in an anticancer agent and can bring in the which there is an effect in for radical operation.
A method to do after an operation: The one very likely to be the recurrence may give the adjuvant setting by the anticancer agent by the pathological diagnosis of postoperative cancer which I extracted.
A method to make the one that recurred: I perform it around the one that recurred after art. The response rates are different with a drug to use, the sensitivity for the medicine for tumor, the volume of tumor.
Local administration of the anticancer agent
 I give an anticancer agent using the special system called the catheter. It applies to a person (including the recurrence) who metastasized to the following organ mainly.
 Metastasis to liver: I insert the tube called the catheter from blood vessel of the inguinal part and I detain you in artery doing a liver tumor to nourishment and bury it in the body and give an anticancer agent using the system. I can give treatment without pain repeatedly.
 Intraperitoneal administration: I inject an anticancer agent in direct abdominal cavity for metastasis to peritoneum with the abdominal dropsy.
In either case, choice, the dose of the medicine use a thing considered enough in cancer treatment societies.
In addition, say an examination of anticancer agent sensitivity
I perform the method to inspect it how long an anticancer agent is easy to work using tumor which I removed surgically beforehand, and to judge by hope by an operation. Specifically, please refer to attachment; ⇒ (open in PDF.)

Operative treatment

In our House, a specialist in Japanese Society of Gastroenterological Surgery instruction, a specialist in Japan Surgical Society instruction, a specialist in large intestine anus disease society instruction cooperate and perform an operation.
 I explain a risk, a relapse rate of oneself of excision range, lymph node dissection (range of the lymphatic gland which you must remove surgically), general complications, patient in a sentence before art.
In addition, getting up is possible in an early stage as there is almost none of the pains of the postoperative wound by the method called the sustained endocranium block out of ka.


Excision irradiates impossible pancreatic cancer, a metastatic bone tumor and, in cooperation with the radiology of the hospital attached to Wakayama Medical University, gives the treatment of the pain.

Mild treatment

For a mainly cancerous intense pain jotsuchi* (perform it until completely kill a pain.) with morphine I perform, nourishment management. The person that home care is hoped for performs the temporary nursing at home.
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