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In-hospital facilities introduction

I ride the guide map in facilities and the facilities of our House. I always keep cleanliness in our House and keep it in mind to be able to spend time to patient comfortably.

Introduction of in-hospital facilities

■Reception desk, waiting for
Not to make any waiting time, I keep prompt guidance in mind.
The person having time and the letter of introduction which are poor in physical condition in particular copes if you can report beforehand.
Please show a health insurance card and a hospital card.
■Consulting room
Patient is easy to talk and is the space clean brightly such as the counselor's office. I feel relieved to first patient, a family, and all the staff try to be able to trust it sincerely.
■MRI, CT, contrasting X-rays room
I keep clean environment in mind to be able to perform precise shooting.
■Operating room
I operate for many digestive organ public surgery.
I keep clean environment in mind.
■Nurse station (3F)
I perform preparations or the record of measures of inpatient.
It becomes the constitution of the private room, twin room, four room. I try to be able to live comfortably.

In-hospital guide map

 Inquiry foam is this
TEL. +81-73-445-3101
I look forward to the inquiry over the telephone
Medical corporation Fukuji fortune surgery hospital
Wakaurahigashi, Wakayama-shi, Wakayama
TEL. 073-445-3101
FAX. 073-445-4660
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