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The specialist update is great.

You must attend an education seminar this month in Tokyo and Nagoya on large intestine anus disease society, digestive organ endoscope society specialist, the update notamezoreno weekend of the specialist in instruction. The update score is maintained in society participation and announcement, but the attendance of the seminar is indispensable to the day when is different from the society, and what is held in a distant place not Kansai will burden you in future. But I think with maintenance of the quality of the medical profession and cannot but do my best. On the end of the month, I am going to study for training of the operation under laparoscopy of the groin hernia in Tokyo Shinagawa for one day. As for the operation, judging from medical expenses, laparoscopic surgery (said to be 120 minutes for an operative time) becomes considerably larger than law (operative time approximately 20 minutes) for groin hernia conventionally, but is what is spreading in the times of the medical expenses restraint because the beauty of the wound is superior? This disease is common in elderly people, and there is little minding a wound too much, and how is it a thing though getting and back in a day is possible if it is the method in before? Let's assume it future examination.

I am careful about lack of exercise.

As I became slightly in poor physical condition, muscular strength was downed from about last month 18 as I was absent from a gym as 10th. However, I was able to go in families to Osaka at the wedding ceremony of the nephew on February 28 as physical strength was restored. A nephew is a resident of the diabetes physician, and it is busy two people, but the bride wants to match power and to build the splendid family during the psychiatrist training. A workshop of the stomach cancer examination or lipid meetings for the study in Tokyo were varied this week. After April, I think home medical care, the mild treatment of the digestive organ cancer relapsed patient, short stay possible model surgery treatment to be it to push on in new development on a pillar.

A Happy New Year.

It became late, but does my best this year.
As there was a doctor on duty, I spent it in families in Shirahama, and it was possible for a thing at the end of last year.
Responsibilities turned into a director from an assistant director on January 23 of this year. Father of the founder is going to have you help me as far as it is possible as an advisor. I will contribute to the community through clinical practice as a director and the director of corporation every day.

A congress of November is finished and

In November, it is the seed of the society every year. I announce it in a large intestine anus disease subject general meeting (Yokohama) public subject this year for seven or eight days in November. I announce it in a Japanese clinical surgery society general meeting (Fukushima) public subject on November 13. I announce it in digestive organ endoscope society Kinki district meeting (Osaka) public subject on November 15. On the same day, I receive gastric acid, the lecture of Helicobacter pylori by a lecture of Mr. Osaka City University digestive organ internal medicine Tominaga in Wakayama endoscope study session on Kinki anus disease social gathering attendance, November 29. I announce the general subject at Wakayama Medical Association general meeting on November 30. As to is quite fun and studied, what I return to a patient by true clinical practice thinks about this with a duty. I may suggest new information and treatment to a patient consulted in our House.
Furthermore, you may trouble you for a while until result appears as I pray for what the by-product which there is not a parking lot, and is unnecessary can reduce by aiming at nashio in waiting time of an outpatient, and a nurse, office work are adding improvement to the preparation of the work, improvement including the correspondence in solidarity, but please expect it.


It was good I attended at the statement society of the Wakayama medical college digestive organ surgery on Saturday, and to be able to examine the case of each hospital the week before last. On last Saturday, I participated in a meeting for the study in Osaka including the use of anticoagulant NOAC and was able to arrange a way of thinking. There are many meetings for the study in Umeda recently, but I am redeveloped and am considerably different from Wakayama. There were request lectures, and the staff dispersed, and the administrative dietitian of our corporation participated somewhere else a way study session of the medical welfare of Wakayama where aging and a population decline became remarkable in Wakayama-shi on that day. It was monthly golf, but jogged on Sunday from an early morning as I was not able to participate to complete a request manuscript of the clinical surgery. If it was 9km per an hour, there was even 15km without the problem including the rounds of the ward without fatigue too much. I progress for physical strength and willpower carefully on 1st and want to evolve.
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