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Recruitment of nurse's aides

As you perform the offer at any time, please refer anytime

Contents of the work
Nurse's aide
Nursing assistance all areas of our operation at the hospital
In the ward, the management of the sickroom such as personal care including the assistance of a meal, movement, the bathing to inpatient or bedmaking, cleaning is the center.

※There is around 3-4 times a month of duty.
※As for the inexperienced person, application is possible.
Working hours
Double shift
・Daily service 8:30-17:00
・Night duty 16:00 ... 9, the following day: 00
Salary, other benefits
A nurse's aide: 146,100 yen - 215,200 yen (a b)
   a base salary 139,200 yen - 205,000 yen
 b allowance attached to a post 6,900 yen - 10,200 yen
 c perfect attendance medical treatment 4,500 yen
     Duty medical treatment 8,000 yen/time (on Sunday 9,000 yen)
  ■Other medical treatments■
A commutation allowance, overtime entitlement.
*I treat it well by experience.
Raise in salary
Once a year
Twice a year (four months)
Four weeks 6 rest system (annual holiday around 104 days)
・Summer holidays, the year-end and New Year vacation
・In the case of request for Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays rest, the acquisition is possible by the shift adjustment with the person of other duty
Welfare program, insurance
Various social insurance perfection, hospital corporate pensions funds, childcare charges assistance
There is a parking lot (car commuting OK)
Selection method
Documents examination, interview
TEL. +81-73-488-1339
(Fax) 073-445-4660
The inquiry would like a telephone or the email to the office work department.
Medical corporation Fukuji fortune surgery hospital
Wakaurahigashi, Wakayama-shi, Wakayama
TEL. 073-445-3101
FAX. 073-445-4660
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