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Multi-slice CT

Brightspeed Elite SD made in GE company          64 lines of multi-slice CT
 A breath stopper at the time of the inspection shortened than conventional CT at shooting time. In addition, half of the radioactive exposure become the degree, too. As the inspection is over without pain and a sense of incongruity in several minutes, you can receive it in peace.  
I receive the taking picture of other hospitals, clinic request.

Whole body MRI

I image an internal state using GE Brivo MR355 1.5T (tesla) magnetic field
・High-speed and high-precision video diagnosis is possible.
・Inspection is received by the superior environmental nature easily.
・We do not have to worry about the being bombed.
・I can detect a microlesion at high-precision image quality.
・Even the elderly is reliable in short inspection time.
・Orthopedics domain, abdominal urinary organ domain, various blood vessels                           I am superior in the diagnosis of the disease.
・A radiology specialist diagnoses it.
・I receive the taking picture of other clinics request.


I offer the image which I digitized with CR, DR (digital computer radiography X-rays photography) computer as an X-ray. In addition, I can adjust photograph levels with a computer to the details to want to see, and a diagnosis function improves.
Inspection time
1)The esophagus, stomach, inspection of the duodenum Approximately 15 minutes
2)Examination of small intestine Approximately 30 minutes
3)Inspection of the large intestine Approximately 15 minutes
4)Lower limbs, liver, examination of blood vessel photography of the pancreas Approximately 30 minutes
5)Kidney, ureter, inspection of the bladder Approximately 30 minutes
6)Gallbladder, inspection of the bile duct Approximately 30 minutes
7)Whole body joint, the chest, abdominal simple photography Approximately five minutes

Color Doppler echo

I can inspect thyroid gland, breast, heart, blood vessel, the abdomen, a gynecology domain. Color Doppler can inspect in particular blood velocity. Inspection time approximately ten minutes.


I am equipped with other electrocardiogram (the public, stress electrocardiogram, Halter 24 hours electrocardiography) blood count calculation machines (HORIBA LC667), an arterial blood gas analyzer, a cost oxygen monitor device, respirator one, a defibrillation counter shock.
Medical corporation Fukuji fortune surgery hospital
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