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The use yell authorized acquisition

The economical damage becomes serious in the future nationwide in the district because a youth does not come back to the hometown. Therefore Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare carries it out as the proof that is a company appropriate for accepting a new graduate and the youth of the U-turn positively a use yell authorization company. A hurdle was expensive all right at a labor-like plane, but our corporation was authorized for the first time this time in Kinki. It is the third in the medical welfare with the 42nd in the whole country.
Our corporation explained it the other day by a manager, a section manager, charge of the labor station paying a courtesy visit, and receiving authorization in detail how there was a merit. I have you commend it at the labor station on this Friday, and the press release is done.
The motive that intended to receive this brings up thought and a youth to want to raise a reward, corporation value in one way or another when the current staff sees that he/she makes an effort seriously very in various ways, and it is a purpose that joint ownership (work share) does excellent human resources brought up from law personality, there brought up adversely by a youth in the future in not only wakaura but also Wakayama. A corporation should develop after this with a hometown, but it is necessary to regard concentration as choice still more, and to make an effort.

free time after a long absence

I did the lecture of a certain company in the company about chronic pain last night. The administration of the sponsorship company seemed to be great in the recognition of services society, but everybody matched power and was gancho tteirutonokotodehonobonobotoshita feeling. I was able to take one's time today as there was a doctor on duty.
As my wife went out to the son, I was with mother-in-law, mother, daughter two and went out to a dinner party. Shall I do it in preparation for the digestive organ endoscope presentation at the meeting of the next week from now on? I purchased a chinning device and maintained a body and the heart, but was surprised at the home recently as there was not an interval to go with the pressure in a gym though basal metabolism went up it plenty. You should work on everything steadily diligently. Think about a prior manuscript of the Wakayama Telecasting appearance recently, and put the self same as before under load; nowadays.

It is quite busy, but will it be serious in the future now?

 As for the recent medical revision, bed reduction arikide of the hospital is great. Wakayama seems to reduce a bed capacity 3,000 beds for these past several years.
At first I run it for a tax, and the target is made up for and is from public hospital exempted from a part of the tax. I seem to reduce that I have it of 1,600 beds in Japan Red Cross and Wakayama medical college choosing medical care for the super immediate nature period until a reduction by half. Will the staff working in a reduced hospital get laid off? It is serious, but the doctor has an estimate becoming superabundant in 2024. In any case, there are the morals as the member of society with faithfulness even if I work for where, and the thing which a sense of belonging is strong in is said to be the minimum condition that is not screened for a medical community. A faithful, modest posture and the ambition in the good meaning to foresee the future to yearn for the patient are necessary.

A Happy New Year.

I was hard, but when take care not to overdo it, I was encouraged by a patient and was able to finish it somehow at the end of last year without a voice coming out by laryngitis when I examined outpatient department without taking a rest.
In addition, as a son was chosen as the selection of all Hokkaido and was to participate in the rugby national convention of the department in in a flower garden of Higashiosaka, it was said for support in families, but I was sorry without spraining it while I practiced an ankle, and being able to participate. The Hakodate La Salle Senior High School rag bi- part was televised by watching games filled with the heat with the alumni gathering by the participation for the first time in several decades on TV, too.
The duty had New Year holidays, but it was good to be able to take a rest. However, it was busy, but was able to reopen training with operation, outpatient department medical examination by night at the beginning of the New Year by a gym as the weight increased 2 kg. Fix the physical condition this year, and want to fix the further environment that let a head work to be able to make rapid progress, and can devote itself to the medical welfare; nowadays.
I would like the staff, a patient, various places everybody, this year of the comings and goings supplier.

When participate in a congress; the Seven-Five-Three Festival of the daughter

As there was oral presentation in Nagoya each in a Japan large intestine anus disease association in Osaka on Japan Gastroenterological Endoscopy Society Kinki district meeting, 14th on November 7 in an academic conference season in November, I participated. As Nagoya was a general meeting, there was the participation of a large number of doctors. It was experiences of the overseas advance of the executive managing director of Toyota especially in a lecture. It is the evidence that the strong efficiency and change of the Japanese medical care industry are expected from that asks the general company for a lecture in a medical academic conference. Great trouble and failure seemed to have been in Toyota to advance overseas, but there seemed to be the current development if I got over it. The article that the hospital attached to the Nagoya University medical department introduced efficiency and the safety of duties of Toyota into today's Nihon Keizai Shimbun was listed. Our industry is that there is not the mistake as for the change-response thing which is not made being screened depending on the times, but what I cannot understand is more remarkable if I go to the district. The change of the times is central (the downtown area), and the reason includes the information and there is few it and may lack the present lack of understanding and an effort to fix its eyes on the future. If it is said that this is destined, it is exactly like that, but is the situation that the thing which can survive is how much as expected, or expectation uses it, and there is for nobody. Alternatively, the Seven-Five-Three Festival of the third our child was finished safely. I was able to spend time faintly on Sunday.
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