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Participate in a drug class

It is a digestive organ endoscopy charge day today. I performed five cases by eight upper part digestive organ endoscope screening, large intestine endoscopy, treatment from 9:00 to 13:00. It is space that it can be finished at about 10:40 as I use the examination for 2 room, but double suffers from the stomach endoscopy the staff with effort how time to perform the large intestine endoscopy with one. The feeling to think of improvement will have the same waiting patient, charge staff. Leave 13:40 at class, 14:40 of the drug treatment of the medical association; and kaesain. I examine two next operations, outpatient and handle two explanation of the operation and I examine a ward and am finished today. I remove too much fat recently without drinking beku alcohol in becoming dinner.

I was busy with an operation today.

Operation under laparoscopy was quite busy with three cases today. It was varied with groin hernia, a gallstone, colon cancer. While probably our House is the prefecture and is flattered most in the surgical instrument maker including private hospital and public hospital when there may be much number of cases, as for the laparoscopic groin hernioplasty, all the staff, all fight alone for a patient. 264 digestive organ public surgery is the end of September this year, and the operation volume of the last year is 212 cases and a passable pace.

I was sorry that I kept you waiting.

As there were nearly 140 outpatients today, a delay occurred for one hour in waiting time. At medical examination start time, I considered moving up in each lunch in the morning for 30 minutes, but an assumption was short today and was not able to change the time. It was lacking in the management of I director in charge of the medical examination entirely. I am worried about a condition of the patient who returned without being able to wait.

Digestive organ disease society oral narration

I perform two large intestine endoscope plans, urgent large intestine endoscope one after two house calls in the morning yesterday,
Ask a teacher of the charge for the ward; and to Namba. As I was able to afford time, I gave up having a taxi and changed Sennichimae Line and did the public oral narration of the stomach GIST in Osaka international exchange center. Only some education lectures listen. Afterwards after a long absence of the skewer
I eat in Bo. I intend to stop it with 20 pork fried on a skewer, but 27 calories are exaggerated without being able to win hunger. I come home in southern, and it is trained only a little to Jim.
I get up today at 6:00, and around 70 pitches keep on beating before going to monthly golf.
Still there are only three visitors because of a heavy rain. Okay, I am in the middle of going to Kishi River golf (I said business by the prior telephone inquiry), and a golf course has telephone communication from closing and the teacher of the senior and cancels it. I have a short rest, and 10km runs by a gym. Therefore I come across classmate, tetchan (doctor) of the paulownia shade high school and am surprised at lower percent of body fat. Find an opportunity; and of the meal while promising, and dropping the yesterday's oil in a sauna; a sit-down. I will change a head tomorrow as it is duty.

Meet me in classmates after an interval of 36 years

Yesterday is a round after the house call of several people in a ward from morning. Make arrangements for future insurance request with the medical affairs section. Though an on-site voice does not arrive, there is some surprise. I felt the need to make full use of one's eyes, ear. I went to Wakayama Broadcasting System for radio appearance from noon. Collecting (I broadcast it for five days from September 19) for five times of broadcast. It was able to be finished too much without NG. I move to a citizen of the prefecture Cultural Center and preside in a meeting for the study of diabetes afterwards.
An actor is the classmate in a paulownia shade high school and the private supplementary school of the mathematics. I became an associate professor of Osaka City Univ. The meeting goes directly to da chippanashioshite, a gym of golf after dinner at home at the end of the prosperity. You must write the online posting to a newspaper as the announcement manuscript of the digestive organ disease society of September 17, but do not originally feel like a little. I decide to wrestle after going to a gym today. Oh, it is serious. However, it is not stopped whether you say timephobia constitutionally.
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