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Guidance of various treatment, inspection

I perform various treatment, inspection to keep healthy health.
  • Non-smoking outpatient
  • Examination of sleep apnea syndrome
  • Bone medical examination
Please talk about the one of the trouble in such a thing.
With one / sometimes intense low back pain to be worried about one / snoring that cannot readily give up smoking and the back ache

At first please make a reservation

It needs reservations and performs each inspection in our House. At first please make a reservation on the telephone.
In addition, please feel free to contact us if there are any questions.
It is inquiry TEL a reservation: 073-488-1339

Non-smoking outpatient

I establish a non-smoking outpatient in our House and help you with treatment to non-smoking success. It is caused by strong dependence to have of nicotine not the weakness of your will not to be given up smoking. Such a smoking custom is said to be "a nicotine dependency", and treatment is assumed a necessary disease. I cannot cure the disease only by volition. I perform the non-smoking support on the mind side such as counseling and the living guidance and internal use treatment and non-smoking treatment using "nicotine patch". Do you not begin "a doctor and smoking cessation" with us?

Examination of sleep apnea syndrome

When sleep apnea syndrome said to be keeps 1-2% of the population intact, it is easy to be for high blood pressure early in the morning, and it is said to one of the causes such as a circulatory organ or the cerebrovascular disorder that it is more. In addition, I affect work without getting Japanese-Chinese sleepiness, and I raise the incidence of drive dozing, and there is a lot of bad influence. If the cure is established, and inspection, treatment is provided appropriately, it is not at all a terrible disease.

Bone medical examination

It becomes fragile, and it is said to the bone that aging begins with around 35 years old with age. It is a longevity country, and, in Japan which an aging society goes ahead through, the drills which I lay due to the bone fracture of the old man increase, and it is in particular a big social problem. It is very difficult to revive the bone which I have lost once. I have a diagnosis after a bone fracture occurred and am late. I become an old man, and the prevention for osteoporosis not to have it becomes important. For the prevention, early detection, the person with the idea recommends below bone medical examination in one.
The cause that is easy to suffer from osteoporosis
  • Hereditary (menopause, aging, build, family career)
  • Lifestyle (unbalanced diet, lack of exercise, drinking and excessive intake of caffeine, lack of sunshine)
  • Disease (oophorectomy, gastric resection, diabetes, renal insufficiency, the steroid dosage)
 Inquiry foam is this
TEL. +81-73-488-1339
I wait for the inquiry over the telephone
Medical corporation Fukuji fortune surgery hospital
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