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Hospital summary

Medical corporation Fukuji fortune surgery hospital
Director, director
Fortune Akito
The location, telephone
〒641-0021 3-5-31, Wakaurahigashi, Wakayama-shi, Wakayama
(main) 073-445-3101 (Fax) 073-445-4660
Digestive organ surgery, digestive organ internal medicine, anal surgery, radiology, surgery, internal medicine ・
Metabolism internal medicine, internal secretion internal medicine, circulatory organ internal medicine, anesthesia department, rehabilitation department
Medical treatment day
The consultation hours
The morning consultation hours: Monday, from Thursday to Saturday from 9:00 to 12:00
The afternoon consultation hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 13:30 to 17:00    
       Tuesday, Thursday    From 14:00 to 17:00
Parking lot
Bed capacity
5 four beds
Specialized domain of the specialist in outpatient
Digestive organ public surgery, digestive organ disease, anal illness, diabetes, internal secretion, circulatory organ
Legal designation
Insurance medical care, workmen's accident compensation insurance, National Assistance Act, atomic bomb A-bomb victim medical care,
The person with a physical disability welfare method
Main medical equipment
X-rays, CT, MRI, echo, digestive organ endoscope apparatus, laparoscope

The history of Medical corporation Fukuji fortune surgery hospital

June, 1971
Fortune surgery hospital establishment
Medical corporation Fukuji establishment fortune Director Koyoshi appointment
April, 1997
Fortune Akito takes office as an assistant director
March, 2001
Fortune Director Akito appointment
January, 2008
I establish house type pay nursing home "village of the fortune" 20 rooms
I establish care plan center fukujikai
I establish helper station fukujikai
Visit medical treatment start
The hospital usability test mechanism authorized version 5.0 acquisition (the first authorization)
August, 2008
I start foreign chemotherapy
June, 2012
I change it from nursing standard 15:1 to 10:1.
January, 2013
Hospital usability test Ver6 acquisition second authorization in Japan
June, 2013
I establish temporary nursing at home station fukujikai
April, 2014
I am updated from MRI 0.5 to 1.5
January, 2015
Fortune Akito takes office as a director
October, 2018
Electronic medical chart system operation
February, 2019
The home care support hospital 2 acquisition
January, 2019
Hospital usability test (3rdG:Ver:2.0) third authorization in Japan
March, 2020
I update it to 64 lines than a CT16 line (the large intestine virtual endoscope image deployment)
April, 2020
I nominate a kind from general hospitalization basics charges admission 5 for 4 for the immediate nature period
I start at-home visit nourishment meal instruction
December, 2022
Authority of short time place rehabilitation establishment
January, 2023
Hospital usability test (3rdG:Ver:2.0) fourth authorization in Japan

Facilities standard

Basic medical treatment charges
Hospitalization basics charges 4 general for the immediate nature period   
Infection measures improvement addition 3 (the cooperation reinforcement addition)
Medical care safety measures addition 2
Medical record regime addition 2
The functional enhancement addition
Dementia care addition 3
The data submission addition
The delirium high risk patient care addition
Ward drug duties enforcement addition 1 
The use of biofollowing article system addition
Hospitalization meal medical treatment/life medical treatment (I)
Cancerous pain relaxation instruction charges
Nicotine dependency management charges
Synthesis management charges medical at at-home time and general management charges medical at facilities entering time
At-home cancer medical general clinical department
CT shooting and MRI shooting
Outpatient department chemotherapy addition 2
Anesthesia management charges 1
Artificial anus, the skill in population bladder pre-treatment addition
Cancer treatment cooperation instruction charges
Operation to advocate to common rule 5 of the medical department score list Chapter 2 Part 10 operation and 6 (I include common rule 4 of the dentistry score list Chapter 2 Part 9 operation.)
The operation "gastrostomy" to advocate to 16 of the common rule of the medical department score list Chapter 2 Part 10 operation
Home care support hospital (2)
Foreign tumor chemotherapy medical treatment charges 2
Sterile preparation processing charges
Drug management instruction charges
Respiratory rehabilitation charges I
Exercise device rehabilitation charges II
Lower limbs wound measures management charges

Other information

(notice matter in the insurance medical institution)
About a statement
Our hospital will issue it about the statement free of charge in conformity with *ninaikisoku.
About the prescription with the generic name
About the medicine with the generic medicine, I may prescribe it for patient with a generic name (name of the active ingredient) not a brand name after explanation.
About inflection of the medical information
I utilize information to acquire from online qualification confirmation and treat you to carry out the medical treatment that our hospital is of high quality.

■It supports second opinion.
■I disclose the medical record by hope.
■I will correspond to patient of the hearing person with a disability by a letter. (sign language impossibility) cope for patient having other obstacles appropriately.
■The community medicine cooperation system (having window or not, having cooperation CP or not) cooperates with the belonging medicine of Wakayama-shi Medical Association seven groups (wakaurajiku) in particular mainly.
■I carry out a critical path.
■The mean hospitalization is 18 days.   
■The introduction to "takeda immunity, a gene clinic" gives cancer immunity therapy at our hospital, too.      Specifically, the cell-mediated immunity therapy for ・・・① cancer (LAK/TIL/PP - DC/DCL)   
② I perform an examination for own house cancer vaccinotherapy (cooperation with cell medicine) ③ various immunocompetence.        The immunity is one of the living body defense functions that a human being possessed, in a microbe and the living bodies such as bacteria, the virus       I have ability to recognize the cancer cells which occurred to be an alien substance, and to remove this.
   To cure a cancer by originally activating immunity possessing it with the therapy of immunity in this way       I do it. This is made-to-order treatment thinking about a therapeutic method depending on personal immunity.   I can use it together with anticancer agent treatment.
   In addition, I isolate a lymphocyte from blood and can predict immunocompetence. The occasional immunity       It is useful for various disease prevention and treatment to know.
    Then,, at takeda immunity, the gene clinic, develop such a therapy from various angles        I am. The homepage of the clinic from this.
Medical corporation Fukuji fortune surgery hospital
Wakaurahigashi, Wakayama-shi, Wakayama
TEL. 073-445-3101
FAX. 073-445-4660
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