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Treatment of the anal disease

As it is often one caused by the bowel movement abnormality of the constipation, the diarrhea by the anal disease, I instruct it appropriately.
←I have the buttocks like the left figure.
An anal sphincter: The muscle which accounts for anus
Venous plexus (jomyakuso): A vein is opening into a halftone plate form
Pectinate line: Border of rectal (mucous membrane) and anus (skin)

About hemorrhoids

←The hemorrhoids are greatly distributed between three of the next.
 The hemorrhoids which the blood circulation of the rectal anal region worsens, and a part of the blood vessel swells to
 The anal fissure which an anal epithelium is split in by a hard flight
 Perianal abscess, hemorrhoids rou where the sea appears for bacterial infection
 There is the part which attracted many blood vessels between surface mucous membrane and anal sphincters to human anus and plays a role as the cushion closing anus. The part of this cushion which originally there is causes congestion, and swell up, and a supporting tissue supporting it becomes weak, and come to come out outside anus; and called hemorrhoids get sick.
I show around the latest treatment of hemorrhoids in PDF.

The hemorrhoids are cured
In addition, only at the time of slight bleeding and pain that the escape of hemorrhoids is not so terrible, I improve in fixing the everyday bathing and bowel movement, and being careful about everyday life by using a suppository and the ointment. However, an operation is necessary for following internal hemorrhoids 3 or 4 degrees and the immediate nature period.
Internal hemorrhoids
Three times
Four times
Main symptom
There is not the escape of hemorrhoids. There is not the pain and often bleeds on defecation.
I escape on defecation, but come back naturally. There is bleeding, and the pain comes out, too.
When I get away and do not push it with a finger, I do not come back.
I do not come back even if I push it with a finger. They become obstinate, and both the pain and the bleeding are gone. Underwear becomes dirty with viscous liquid.
The immediate nature period of hemorrhoids
Clot-related outside hemorrhoids
kanton hemorrhoids
Main symptom
A clot (lump of the blood) was made around anus. Skin ruptures and may bleed. It aches intensely.
A lot of clots could do it in hemorrhoids and became the kanton state (I get away and swell up and do not come back). It aches intensely.

Surgical management of hemorrhoids

■Outside hemorrhoids
A: I put it under local anesthesia and cut hemorrhoids open and remove a clot surgically. Treatment is possible in outpatient department. The foreign going to hospital of a few days is necessary.
B: I do lumber anesthesia and pick out hemorrhoids itself. I can leave the hospital on the day or the next day. The foreign going to hospital of a few days is necessary.
I choose a cure by a condition.

■Internal hemorrhoids
 Examination with preoperation is an electrocardiogram, a blood test, an abdominal simple X-ray examination. Anesthesia is backbone anesthesia (lumber anesthesia).
Operation method
Excision to ligate, the semiclosure method: It is a method to completely remove hemorrhoids surgically. Length of stay is 14 days from 10th. The early discharge is possible by a condition, too.
PPH (operation of Longo): It is the highest treatment. There are few pains to remove hemorrhoids surgically using a special instrument. Length of stay is 5-7 days. A part of datsu* and the prolapse of the rectum is adaptation.

Periproctitis, perianal abscess, hemorrhoids rou

 I recover completely if I completely remove a pipe exhausting an anal gland becoming the bacterial source of infection and the pus which collected to the anus outside surgically in total. Length of stay is 14-21 days. You should refrain from the incisions in easy outpatients that there are not radical cure characteristics and becomes intractable.

Anal pruritus

It is relieved by ointment treatment. Let's cure patiently.

Anal infectious disease

Generally, internal use and the local treatment become all right.
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