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Director, director greetings

Director fortune Akito, director greetings

Wakayama is in the Kii Peninsula west that is the Japan's biggest peninsula. Our hospital is in the southwestern part of Wakayama-shi of Wakayama and is from JR Kisei Main Line Kimiidera Station to the west to around ten minutes on foot. Wakayama is land full of nature among a mountain and the seas and is the place that a mandarin orange, a plum, a blooming persimmon, amount of production of the Japanese pepper are number one in Japan, and adventure world, Porto Europe are famous for in the facilities in the hot spring in Shirahama Onsen, leisure.
 Our hospital is founded in 1970 by the in front of fortune Kokichi director who was the manager of surgery at Wakayama Red Cross hospital (existing Wakayama medical center), and fortune Director Akito who is a son of Kokichi now succeeds management. I run the profession department with hospitalization basics charges of public ward ten to one, 54 beds in internal medicine, surgery, digestive organ internal medicine, digestive organ surgery, anal surgery, internal secretion internal medicine, metabolism internal medicine, circulatory organ internal medicine, a rehabilitation department, radiology, 11 anesthesiological courses, and the number of the staff puts full-time employment part-time service together and, as of April, 2022, is 82 (January, 2023).
 I deal with general medical treatment corresponding to the overall medical disease in the outpatient department while being good at surgery and endoscopy, the treatment of the digestive organ disease based on a basic idea "sincerely" and make an effort for a community medicine, and a patient expects what, and what kind of treatment is hoped for? I always aim at the hospital where I listen to a voice of a patient, and anything is talked about with. On the other hand, for improvement in medical quality, I receive much authorization such as Japanese large intestine anus disease association authorization specialist training facilities, the Japanese Society of Gastroenterology authorization facilities, Japan Gastroenterological Endoscopy Society authorization instruction facilities, Japan Surgical Society authorization-related facilities, the Japanese Society of Gastroenterological Surgery authorization-related facilities.
 In addition, it is Japanese evaluation of health care services 3rdG:ver: on August 9, 2019 I receive authorization of 2.0 and lay emphasis on the staff education to promote improvement of the productivity by the efficiency of the work and consciousness reform of the staff.
  Operation volume of 2016 is 278 cases. The breakdown is 25 cancer operations, anal disease operation 69, so diameter hernia operation 70. I classify operations 200 or more into line ukoto mind in 2017. The endoscopy was 15 648 lower 816 upper parts ERCP others, 1,479 cases in total in 2016. I almost advocate the aim of the level for these past several years. The whole target of 2022 is 18th for 75 mean foreign number of patients, mean hospitalization number of patients 34, mean hospitalization.
  I raise that I carry the offer (2) medical care of medical care, the service of the (1) best, a sense of rights of the consecutive (3) patient of the service offer and creation of the trust on a future aim as a social mission. A stable management base is required and invests the provided profit again to achieve these local, to provide a high quality health care service. However, in what I keep in mind as the most important thing here, the thing which patient and user demands it from thinks that it is mental and physical health and the life that can be relieved not simple medical examination and medical treatment. In other words, the thing that a customer accepts value thinks about something well and thinks that you should perform an idea and medical care, health care business new at all with the originality.
 Many problems pile up to achieve an aim. For an external factor, I age with a decrease in population. The correspondence to a change by the medical service fees revision once in report permission system two years of the bed division which began in October, 2014. Internal factors include cooperation with the neighborhood Hospital, the cooperation with the area, the cooperation with other facilities, construction of the in-hospital LAN (communications network), construction of the personnel system, the enhancement of the service, upbringing of human resources, the up of the fixation rate. I think that it may be urgent business I lay a lot human resources getting the leadership in the man power in particular alone, and to bring up. I clear these problems one by one and contribute to a community medicine, and eternity wants to be active from a trusted hospital and local inhabitants as a hospital said "to be a local pride".

Director, hospital Akito Chofuku

Outpatient department consultation day: Time  
Monday Friday    Morning 9-12:00                                                                  Monday Wednesday Friday  From 1:30 p.m. to 5:00          
I specialize in digestive organ endoscopy and treatment, surgery. As for the surgery of digestive organ cancer, laparoscopic surgery plays a key role along the treatment guideline of the specialized academic conference depending on a stage of a disease. I perform a benign disorder, a hernia and the one-day operation of the anal illness. I specialize in digestive organ anticancer agent treatment, the surgery metabolism dietetics. I perform the foreign medical examination from consultation treatment of dementia to a non-smoking outpatient regardless of a disease by general medical treatment widely basically.
[a career and post]
Wakayama Medical Univ. university graduate (1988)
Wakayama Medical University Graduate School
 A medical graduate course surgery lecture is a graduate (1994)
Doctor of medicine (the former)
Director of association of Wakayama Hospital (2024 ...)

[belonging academic conference and qualification]
Specialist in Japanese large intestine anus association specialist, instruction
Specialist in Japan Gastroenterological Endoscopy Society specialist, instruction
Specialist in Japan Surgical Society specialist, instruction 
Specialist in Japanese Society of Gastroenterological Surgery authorization, digestive organ cancer surgery treatment authorization
Specialist in Japanese Society of Gastroenterology specialist, instruction 
Person with a physical disability welfare method-designated medicine ※(① liver dysfunction ② bladder and rectal dysfunction)
Specialist in Japan Medical Association lifetime education authorization Kinki surgery association councilor
Japanese clinical internal medicine member, member of Japan Society of Clinical Oncology  
Japanese member of stomach cancer association, member of liver disease association in Japan 
●Anesthesia profession medicine * anesthesia profession medicine is a qualification to need specialized knowledge and techniques such as more than 300 enforcement experience by general anesthesia by the clinical experience that it is an anesthesia science meeting or more in the facilities holding a full-time position of the anesthesia department specialist of authorizing it for two years or the organ intubation.
The fortune surgery hospital where is specialized in digestive organ disease,
Village of the fortune of the pay nursing home,
Care plan center,
Temporary nursing at home station
  I develop nadoo.
Medical corporation Fukuji fortune surgery hospital
Wakaurahigashi, Wakayama-shi, Wakayama
TEL. 073-445-3101
FAX. 073-445-4660
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