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Story with the recent researcher

There was an opportunity to meet, and to perform a relationship of a meal with two researchers. There were each study and clinical strong thought and it was very reliable and thought. I felt it so that a senior, a co-worker, a younger student, the feeling of consideration and thanks to the staff to be engaged in how this thought was connected for treatment of a patient entirely it were strong when precision gamashiyori might arrive at the purpose early more.
It was fun time when I was able to feel it like strong faith and iron to accomplish thought when a strong-willed will was necessary. I thank two people.

Can meet a classmate of the neurology.

I heard the lecture of the lecturer of the Jikei University School of Medicine neurology about medical therapy of dementia today from 7:00 p.m. It was the explanation of guidelines, but the wave of the aged society surges against the father of the teacher of the chairperson more than 90 years old basically to the place that it is with (include the prescription of the medical attendant), and is already very familiar. Even if the local medical care and welfare collapse as Wakayama seems to reduce medical expenses 11,200 million yen by medical care and a simultaneous revision of the welfare in 2018, I will be in situation that it is not mysterious.
I met a teacher of the neurology in the classmates of the Wakayama medical college at the social gathering after the meeting for the study after a long absence.
I had you introduce the professor of the neurology. I talked about wanting to cooperate regarding patients with dementia and video diagnosis in future. A classmate is reliable.

Participate in a digestive organ meeting for the study

There are many patients taking antithrombotic drug due to brain heart vascular disorder for an aged society. The low-dose aspirin is effective for the angiopathic prevention, but may cause the small intestinal frequent occurrence ulcer and large intestine diverticulum bleeding as well as a stomach duodenal ulcer. The ulcer therapeutic drug is effective for stomach and the duodenum, but needs attention as some drugs may promote the exacerbation of the small intestine ulcer. This studied society for the study seems to hold every two years for an expense saving every year. As sign gabotobotsu can come out as the Year 2025 Problem (he/she seems to knock over Wakayama six years ago) comes immediately to the neighborhood, I cannot do a certain thing, but I think about measures steadily and cannot but carry it out. You make an effort, and do you wait for destiny?

Recent operation

The operation of our recent House relatively has many hemorrhoids, benign disorders of the hernia, but I increase, and there is all the operation of colon cancer on the basis of operation under laparoscopy, too. However, a lot of one that metastasized to liver at the time of discovery might do liver segmental resection with large intestine excision the other day. On the other hand, I detect early cancer of the stomach and am in the patient who does not cut a stomach by treatment called the endoscopic mucous membrane detachment art today. Is made to think about what should do now for early detection; nowadays. 

Recent corporation meeting

I was able to do good medical care for endoscopy charge well from 9:00 to 16:00 today. While the staff cooperated each, I wrestled for a patient sincerely.
As far as it is reliable. As the study session of the infectious disease was carried out led by a nursing divisional commander from 16:00, I participated. Each makes trial and error and will reconsider duties procedure. Voluntary
I think that it is good. It may be difficulty that get rid of a standstill state when I do not get an opinion from other staff because an office work section becoming the center is developing into the last meeting. I want to think that I get along well if even improvement of the capacity for organization is set. All should understand that it is intended to be able to return it to a patient at various points.
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