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The medical care that we aim at

All human medical care, general medical treatment in the outpatient department

Usefulness of the synthesis medical treatment to judge generally is advocated and is without limiting it to specific organ, illness as the reflection while medicine, medical care progress, and a tendency to be specialized in the specialized field is strengthened. The person does not have only any one disease. It is common to have various troubles, illness while aging advances. I aim at the medical care to support to be able to live cheerful life that patient with the acquaintance was full of life as a family doctor (my doctor) for a long time in order to approach the skilled physician of the guide having former wide knowledge and experience. Even if it is any case whenever, not only I think that you treat it for an organ suffering from disease of and should face me, but also snuggle up to patient as the human being who just had illness and listen and pursue all medical original figures which there should be facing you comprehensively in terms of human resource. Specifically, I serve to develop the individual cure with a little risk for side effect and complications.

With the family medicine function

At our hospital having a family medicine function, following in medical information of a patient as needed; cope.
▼A patient receives it and keeps a medical institution, prescribed pharmaceutical products under control and manages the necessary taking medicine, and list it in a medical record (medical record). At our hospital, the nursing staff who received the instructions of the medical attendant as needed grasps the information.
▼I introduce it to a specialist, a specialty medical institution.
▼Start the health care such as medical examination results; provide consultation.
▼Start health, the welfare service; provide consultation.
▼I perform reporting to depend on emergency correspondence methods including the medical treatment overtime.

The specialized field that our hospital is good at

I am good at the following specialized fields.  
1.Endoscopy and endoscope treatment on the same day: You depend on hope, but distribute inspection and the treatment basically
  I do not perform it. The resection of the polyp is the center.
2.Operation using the laparoscope that there was little invasiveness to a body, and a burden was light
                  : One-day operation or digestive organ disease of the hernia 
3) An operation of the anal illness: There is the treatment of hemorrhoids not to cut.
4.The anticancer agent which is most suitable for cancer postoperative patient, patients with inoperable cancer, molecular target agent
  I give chemotherapy of the tip.

Chemotherapy, short stay type operation, digestive organ disease, anal illness operation, endoscopic operation

The relations of colon cancer and the chemotherapy from this

The operation volume is a tendency to increase gently

The operation volume has the change by the year, but gradually increases. Other than the general anesthesia, the operation of the lumber anesthesia, as for the extraction of the atheroma which there is to toes and corn (a corn: keigan, so-called corn) extraction, a back and the buttocks of the foot bottom as general surgery to perform by local anesthesia, there are many operations to be usually finished in several minutes for operative times.

The operation volume that I saw according to an anesthesia method

Operation operation under laparoscopy, digestive organ public surgery

The operation volume using 446 cases, the laparoscope of the short stay type occupies 161 cases and most, and the operation volume from January, 2016 to August 10, 2017 exceeds an anus operation and 134 digestive organ surgery including the hemorrhoids radical operation. In addition, local anesthesia operations such as atheroma and the enucleation of the corn, the art of implantation implantation type catheter setting account for 151 cases.

Breakdown of the main operation

Art of laparoscopic supporting poorness of the short stay type

The operation results of the short stay type using the laparoscope increase and come to account for a little under 50% of the main operation recently. Laparoscopic surgery of the particularly laparoscopic groin hernioplasty increases in comparison with an open surgery in the operations such as most, gallbladder enucleation 22, stomach cancer, rectal cancer, colon cancer with 111 cases predominantly between these one and a half years.

Normal digestive organ surgery

For a normal digestive organ disease operation, there are many anal illness operations such as hemorrhoids radical operation and anal fistula radical operation, four phases of sclerotherapy, datsu*konchijutsu of hemorrhoids. The digestive organ cancer enucleation works on laparoscopic surgery, too, and the results improve, too.

At-home field      For all human care, treatment to support a pain with total

Development of the visit medical treatment

I lay emphasis on "general medical treatment" corresponding to the overall medical disease in the outpatient department. The demand that at-home want to spend without I cannot readily come to the outpatient department by a symptom of patient and being hospitalized may become strong, and I wrestle, and a director is popular with visit medical treatment from patient, a family in our House. As the days are limited, please talk beforehand.

Temporary nursing at home business

Service of the temporary nursing at home station

Specialized nurses visit the family of user from a temporary nursing at home station and watch a condition and medical treatment life with the eyes of the expert of the nursing and, by care and advice based on an appropriate judgment, cope 24 hours a day, every day and support it to be able to send medical treatment life in being at home.
In addition, I take a doctor and related organizations and the cooperation and suggest the usage of various caring at home services.

Visit riha, visit nursing care business

I call at the home of the care insurance application, and a physical therapist undergoes rehabilitation.

With all mild care human care of the end period

 Speaking of a pain, it will be to remember a physical concrete pain that stairs having a pain in legs are hard. I will feel uneasiness and irritation, fear, a psychological mind-like pain such as the anger when I have a disease and think that there is much suffered from for the social pain such as damage and the economical loss to give work and the home again. Besides, "the meaning that I lived" for With "the death think that there is many that is felt for a spiritual pain to affect a view on decease from a monologue such as anything".
It is "all human care" to take care of "the general pain" that is important to patient troubled with such a disease.
As for the important thing, the following is a basic.
 •Please talk decisively without not taking on the hard thing, and being troubled.
 •The medical person copes in all for bitterness.
 •We are friends of a patient, a family, the medical care person.
 •I offer medical care (care) without interruption.
With "mild care" (WHO2002)
I am defined saying "it is pain and approach to plan the prevention and reduction of the pain by being physical, and being psychosocial, and doing assessment exactly from an early stage, and solving a spiritual problem, and to improve quality of life for a family with a patient in confrontation with the problem associated with the disease to threaten life.".
What is it to want to value for the end period? What many people are common and value is as follows.
  There is not pain
  I spend time at the place that I saw
  There are hope and pleasure
  I can trust a doctor and a nurse
  I keep a good relation with a family and a friend
  I become independent
  I spend time in calm environment
  It is valued as a person
  It is felt that I accomplished the life
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