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Today is the pressure including the operation

I finish an early-morning meeting and a meeting of the whole office work, an office worker of the local hospital well study from office manager office work meeting, 8:30 to 50 minutes from 8:15 to 30 minutes, but do not seem to be understood about the medical care policy that the country establishes too much. I think that he/she does his/her best from now on. I hold a meeting with a nursing divisional commander from 8:50 to 9:00.
Is operated on from 9:15 to 17:00, and sleep led by a patient hospitalized yesterday afterwards; former; what visited it, and arrived at the home at 21:00 as for the diet before of golf consider it to keep on hitting it, and to go; nowadays. When it is the evidence that is hard to be healthy to be busy, I am said to be it from an elderly person well, but may be just what.

It is blog after a long absence.

The eldest son, the examination of the eldest daughter are finished safely, too and are relieved. As the son entered a school of higher grade in a junior high school of Hokkaido, there is the lacking thought, but it thinks that it is future property that a dormitory lives a life with children with excellent will of the whole country. I want you to try it hard as a representative of all as it is a very rare thing to enter a school of higher grade outside a prefecture from the elementary school of wakaura.
I participated in a meeting for the study of the second surgery of Wakayama Medical Univ. belonging to the same school hosted by a meeting on Saturday of the weekend. The contents served as a clinical reference without always changing, but it was to a lot of co-worker and senior, younger student and old days who met you after a long absence, and felt old keo when I participated there. I cannot say a person.
I got up as usual at 6:00 and jogged at round-trip 13km the next day to Wakayamashi Station. I studied the ward function division to submit to Wakayama in October of this year afterwards. In the too bright future, domestic industry does not seem to have it, but one of a favorable wind intends to think about a headwind with an opening forward when I see population dynamics.

It became late, but would like it this year.

 Half of January has gone too far. I carry out digestive organ public surgery safely as a hospital of the surgery and assume that I maintain stable number of cases a vision this year. As the aging of the patient is remarkable, I perform mutual understanding through a study meeting with the staff including dementia enough medically and I remove length and a horizontal fence systematically and want to provide the medical care that is quick in solidarity, and is polite.
 We had the new annual convention of the medical association on January 11. It was healed with a peaceful atmosphere. As the teacher of the senior gave the plan of the meeting of the specialist in succession to me for the second generation, I want to think. I participated in the small study session of the inflammatory bowel disease yesterday. It was the lecture of the teacher with feelings very much. As body fat aggravated it in New Year holidays, I begin physical condition management.


It is the place where I want to go for a change in the hot spring today, but children endure it for examination. I cover the physical condition management with a gym and an exercise of golf. It seems whether medical care and the study include it, and they became the huge rock with the opening of the favorable wind (when I can change) recently at time when thinking time feels uneasy about it by the greatest crisis still more. Body nitsukeruha, the physical strength that after all is tough and a will of iron, the luck that there is a few it, the feeling of thanks will be important by the power that everything accomplishes with every effort to accomplish thought.

Participate in a congress

I heard lectures after announcement by general oral narration in particular in a Japanese clinical surgery society (Nagoya) on Japanese large intestine anus disease society (Tokyo), November 21 on November 16 and did ear studies. The surgery patient ages, and a place with many so-called patients says with a good hospital
As for the high volume center, it was done with a problem that approximately 40% was a patient with dementia of the thing with the difference of the degree. Time when you must think still more in future seems to be it whether there is really a merit to a patient even if I spend large amount of money whether it is a problem to finish only for the hope of the family. Clinical practice is relatively busy, but thinks this week to announce December 1 at a medical association general meeting (Wakayama), and to take a rest a little.
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