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Symptom of digestive organ disease

About digestive organ disease and operation charges, length of stay

Digestive organ disease

 There is the disease that subjective symptoms are strong like anal illness such as the epigastric regurgitant esophagitis including stomach and the duodenum or a pile, the bleeding hemorrhoids, the hernia that the bowels which there should be in the stomach inside came out to outside particularly groin hernia (hernia) for digestive organ disease. I get my money's worth from the unpleasant state by a relatively short-term simple operation and can remove these.
 On the other hand, there are poor large intestine, colon, a rectal disease for subjective symptoms at the stage in the early period of liver and cancer said to be a silent organ. As for these, a longtime burden comes to the front. I undergo a clinical survey, endoscopy if I become in my 40s or 50s and detect the large intestine polyps which are easy to cancerate early and am treated and think that it is important to maintain health life.

Endoscopy, medical bill

When I give endoscope treatment to remove the polyp (wart) in large intestine, the rectum surgically in our House, I do it with hospitalization handling on the day to have you be absent in consideration of bleeding possibility after the excision in a sickroom until the evening.
 As I come from the distant place and undergo endoscopy, and there are hospitalization facilities even if it is polypectomy in inspection, you can receive endoscopy, treatment on the spot in peace.
 I am on the basis of 2 days and 1 night, but, in the case of the inspection of stomach, the duodenum, vary according to the inspection items such as biopsy (maneuver charges 3,100 yen), a blood test, urinalysis, the breath test (examination of Helicobacter pylori).

The operation charges of the short stay type operation and approximate length of stay

 The price including hospitalization charges for hemorrhoids (four phases of sclerotherapy) including endoscope poripeku with the polypectomy, laparoscopic groin hernia becomes like a right table.
 I perform the observation such as postoperative bleeding presence, the state after the running out of anesthesia well in our House and carry out the medical care that I considered safely. Therefore, please understand it as the price to have patient bear it in comparison with a medical institution only for outpatient department becomes high.

Subjective symptoms of buttocks

Bleeding hemorrhoids, dermatitis, injury
Disease, clot-related outside hemorrhoids, perianal abscess, rectal anal cancer with the inflammatory swelling
There is little pain, and pain is gradually often increased on defecation after 4-5 minutes passed after the bowel movement.
Bleeding hemorrhoids
There is always intense pain
Of the rectal perianal abscess progressed.
I fell into an escape dekanton state of inflammatory hemorrhoids.
New fresh blood (beautiful red) at the time of the bowel movement
Anal nearby bleeding.
Dark red blood irrelevant to a bowel movement
Large intestine disease
Coal tar-like melena
Bleeding of the upper part gastrointestinal tract
Exception at the time of the bleeding
Fresh blood
The big polyp which occurred in rectum
Blood collects in the rectum and is dark red
When I returned hemorrhagic hemorrhoids in anus
It is accompanied by fever
Perianal abscess, purulent atheroma (atheroma), anal cancer, acuminata condyloma
Various things including a disease of the skin and an allergic disease, a gynecologic disorder, the rectal anal disease are assumed.
Swelling around the anus
Hemorrhoids outside as for it being the most a lot
In the case of the swelling of existence ache characteristics with the fever, a perianal abscess, purulent atheroma (atheroma), anal cancer, an acuminata condyloma are assumed
It is concentric and gets away on the drill
Prolapse of the rectum
It is escaped to the anal outside
Sense of incongruity anal with milky-white
Anal polyp
 I think whether the subjective symptoms of buttocks are relatively strongly conscious of. There is possibility of the anal illness in the subjective symptoms for a pain and bleeding. However, in addition to dyschezia such as frequency, constipation, the diarrhea, it is necessary to doubt a large intestine polyp, a digestive organ cancer when it is fecal occult-blood testing-positive.
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