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Liver, pancreas, gallbladder disease

Treatment of the main liver disease

In the case of type B in particular, a hepatitis C virus infectious disease, the viral chronic disease performs the virus extermination (interferon therapy, internal use therapy) other than the coping therapy with the liver protection agent positively. Patient of the intractable high viral load improves the treatment result by development of consensus interferon recently.
I see a state for several months whether the degree improves in the case of a light case and young fellow naturally even if a liver damage occurs in the case of chronic hepatitis B. If an examination for liver function number and a virus marker change well (they increase when there is much viral load in blood), I wait for HBe antigen disappearing, and hepatitis calming it. However, the treatment with drug is necessary when hepatitis continues, and HBe antigen does not readily disappear.
As I cannot expect spontaneous cure in the case of chronic hepatitis C, the treatment with drug is indispensable. In these medical treatment, it is called coping therapy to aim for improving liver function numbers such as GPT. This cure protects hepatocytes with the quantity of the virus which is a direct cause without gen rasunodesuha and promotes hepatocellular reproduction and few is going to control progress of the hepatitis by supplementing an ingredient lacking.
For coping therapy, it lets I decrease, and the virus which is a cause of the hepatitis itself disappear, and it is causal treatment that I let hepatitis heal from a cause, and need. There is interferon (injection agent) with antiviral action in the drug with such an action. This interferon therapy came up in 1985 and spread. In addition, I appear to the drug (oral formulation) raising the power named the human house that is immunity for interferon which is an injection agent recently and, in the case of chronic hepatitis B, attract attention. In addition, there is steroid secession therapy to plan the disappearance of the HBe antigen by adjusting immunity.
The cirrhosis tries for close meal instruction and early detection of the liver cancer. Furthermore, I give the treatment such as the plasma exchange to patients with liver failure.
For the esophagus varix, I obtain a good treatment result by varix art and sclerotherapy to ligate endoscopically. (there is a digestive organ endoscope society specialist.)

Treatment of the gallstone

1) Perform bile duct calculus remotion 4) open surgery with gallbladder extraction operation 3) endoscope with gallstone dissolution therapy 2) laparoscope. A discharge is possible after art by the laparoscopic surgery in 5-7 days.
※I can have you hear explanation by a sound about this disease clearly.

Treatment of the pancreatitis

A cause of "having a pain in" stomach includes pancreas to an organ attracting attention recently. The pancreas is too just inconspicuous deep into a stomach in the rear of the stomach to understand it in the left figure, but is one working as two important at all. As for one, work, the other digesting the thing which I ate work to keep blood sugar level normally.
Pancreatitis includes chronic pancreatitis and acute pancreatitis.
The acute pancreatitis cannot move a body for the excessive pain including the pain going through from the area of the pit of the stomach to an intense pain, back for a disease (a kind of burn) that the digestive enzyme of the pancreas digests oneself.
The chronic pancreatitis has a pain to fall out to a pain and the back of the stomach in the state that inflammation always happens in many places of the pancreas chronically first. The pancreas cannot perform an original function when I repeat the pain, and indigestion is caused and may suffer from diabetes.
It may be said that one of the pancreatitis of the important cures is self-administration. Please follow following seven to live a comfortable life.
1.Anyway, the life that is well regular 4 to bite (secretion of the pancreatic juice is suppressed) 3 to protect a fat limit temperance 2 
5.6 that there are a cigarette, spice, the coffee of the medicine without attention 7 forgetting a check for the fixed period in illness, the doctor's office to drink it, and to forget it!


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