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Digestive organ endoscopy, treatment were busy today and took it from 9:00 to 15:00. I went to the gym for swimming for stress-relieving from 9:00 p.m. I had been able to swim up to 1 kilo, but was finished at 700m this time. I feel good somehow. I was going to see the arithmetic of the eldest son, but do it on the next time. I want to value the time with the child.

Physical condition recovery

It was the situation to handle work somehow, but recovered completely while taking medicine by laryngitis, bronchitis for two weeks.
Weather was bad yesterday, and the meeting for the study seemed to be great, too. I jogged after a long absence, but took 1 hour after rounds early in the morning today though physical condition was carried. I intend to gradually wear it in without overdoing it too much.
 It was that population of Wakayama decreased to 700,000 in a newspaper of the other day in 2040. I become great.
What will the declining birthrate measures minister be doing? I feel a sense of crisis to be strong economically. I intend to think about measures to be possible in our corporation.

I would like this year.

January is over with an early thing, too. Blog update is not done and would like it this year at this time.
I participated in Osaka, Kyoto, Tokyo and the lecture of various genres (clinical department) in January. It is important I apply this knowledge to true clinical practice, and to change to the wisdom. When even today's morning gathering could not apply that I received training to the staff not a training enthusiast on the site, I talked to a person with a big head who had high pride whether it was that I was sorry that it was how. However, it may be better than I work as repetition of in comparison with not doing even the training namely the thing same by daily life simply. Furthermore, the person to withdraw whom motivation goes up whenever there is it, also known as something is easy to move slightly, and it seems even if it is not the situation desirable too much. A human being is an animal of feelings, but I think about measures and it is rational and should be able to act logically.

There are many societies this month.

November has many societies of the alimentary system. I announce the poster in a large intestine anus disease society (Fukuoka) in a digestive organ endoscope society (Osaka) on oral narration, November 17 on November 10 and I get and back in a day and participate in a meeting for the study in Osaka. I was going to participate in a meeting for the study of Tokyo with the foot, but it was lacking in the cooperation with the doctor on duty and was not able to go. However, the oral narration of the medical association general meeting went well. I am going to participate in Kinki surgery society caput and a seminar on November 24. It becomes the stress emission to leave Wakayama and often helps daily medical treatment and operations by studying. The participation of the clinical surgery society general meeting of December 1 is chased for the co-men stage directions of the insurance request, and the participation will be impossible. Disappointed.

Hospital evaluation mechanism update examination

Yesterday, there was update examination of the hospital usability test mechanism in Japan today. It is documents examination and an interview. Receive the interview as the medical treatment person at 9:00 a.m., and visit a ward immediately; and enteral very much; saw it, and received the examination general comment from one inspection, 11:30. It is finished without a big fault smoothly. I take a break for six study meetings for ten minutes in preoperation of the staff and the next week and examine an outpatient afterwards from 13:30 to 18:00. I handle ten interviews of the maker and come home. As I spoke with a provincial accent, I went for weak swimming, and a body swam 800m after dinner in families. I write the medical certificate of the patient, and, after return, it is now. I will think that I go from an early morning to the hospital as I want to train and plan it and well work and mend one's time tomorrow.
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