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Miyagami: It seems to be done jushin, where sets a hospital usability test in this in August?


Director Fuku: A third party system entrusted with by Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare is open. I do not have a duty to do jushin, but the line is a concept similar to it being possible for a good product if I say in a factory to be able to make the same thing into in the same way even if I review duties and simplify it, and who enters it newly even if there is product line, and an employee changes without changing.
I receive this mechanism and am that it is possible to be standard without the difference of the hospital not being very high-level in duties if it is a pass line.
Though which the purpose "does not have "getting rid of a medical accident" of the way with the habit" is "to make the manual to be able to receive similar service even if I receive what hospital."


Miyagami: Of, nurses "clear, for example, this standard" when is moved at a hospital is not easy to be popular?


Director Fuku As there should be so actually it, but administration does not recommend it strictly, it is not an evaluation recognized widely too much so far. Though I think that you may recommend it more positively.


Miyagami: What is the method of the evaluation?


Director Fuku I prepare documents and receive documents examination and if documents examination passes, a Surveyor (inspector) can come and checks the problems of the hospital for one day.
It is checked I deal how when I begin with the idea of the hospital and contact with a patient with the feeling that is what like, or there is a trouble with a patient, and who comes out, and it is opened, and how a meeting solves it how long to being very small. It is a check line if I say in a factory.


Miyagami: Then is something like manual prepared properly?


Director Fuku The manual is easy to pass it so that it is a lot if it is a lot. It is said that I reconsider even that I receive it as lack of study if there are few manuals. Also, not only I make it, but also contents are the culture of the hospital, and the head of all the staff is stained with the manual, too and must have it. If the Surveyor (inspector) does not see only a manual and quantity and thinks, "it may be slightly different from a manual" on seeing movement of the staff, it is dropped. As the first pass rate is around 13%, I may work as an unemployed person. (laugh)


Miyagami: Strict. Then is nichihombyoinkinohyokajushin announced beforehand by staff?


Director Fuku Of course. I announce it for one year. It is revealed, and, not an examination to drop it that does not know where appears like the examination for university, the contents of the examination must all clear very thick documents, too. Besides, all the staff must be the same levels not one of me.


Miyagami: How many people is the staff of the fortune surgery hospital?


Director Fuku It is a little less than 50 people.


Miyagami: How many people is it in outpatients of the day?


Director Fuku Generally there are 120-130 people in my outpatient department.


Miyagami: Of the main profession while is done work, is prepared for the consultation.


Director Fuku There are few facilities to receive because you must do jushinjumbisakugyo as well as normal business routine.


Miyagami: Are some viewpoints that they have you do it if they pass that for value if only that is serious?


Director Fuku Well. . . I may have you see it as added value. But I want to make use of this not a way of thinking that I expect such an addition to unify wills of the staff for the making of safe hospital, and to advance in the same vector.

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